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Women’s World Cup 2019: Everything You Should Know About Travelling To France


More than two decades after hosting the 1998 FIFA World Cup, France will again provide a stage for some of football’s biggest stars, but this time it will be the planet’s greatest female players showcasing their skills.

For those lucky fans making their way to the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019, here are six must-see attractions to take in while you’re there:


From “City of Lights” to “City of Love”, and not forgetting “Fashion Capital of the World” and “Centre of the Gastronomic Universe”, Paris could be summed up by its nicknames alone, especially the one that transcends the rest: “Most Beautiful City in the World”. While this is a claim that isn’t difficult to prove, Paris has certainly proved worthy by way of its monuments, restaurants, museums, neighbourhoods, cultural attractions, charming residents and visitors for centuries now.

Whether you’re seeking museums, fine dining, haute couture, or some charmed combination of the three, Paris is the ultimate destination for lovers of all things bon vivant. And of course, there’s always the Eiffel Tower.

Paris | Photo: European Business Insider



The Palace of Versailles is one of the most popular attractions in Europe, and has been a UNESCO world heritage site for 30 years. Renowned internationally for its beautiful Palace and gardens, Versailles is a majestic French city with deep royal roots.

Celebrated for the extravagance of its apartments, the palace is adorned with gold, crystal and precious gems. It is an incredibly well-preserved site and offers numerous rooms and galleries for tourists. All these give the site an added sprinkle of splendour.

The Palace of Versailles | Photo: Matador



Provence seems to be nearly everyone’s favourite bit of France. The natives are friendly, the summer weather is superb, and the wine is good. With landscapes often exceeding the expectations of frequent travellers, the rural good life can get no better on the eyes. The best part about going to Provence is typically the fact that Provence has dry summers and cool, wet winters. May, June, and September are good months to travel to Provence, which means you are in luck! Thank us later!


The Mont-Saint-Michel is one of Europe’s most unforgettable sights. Set in the mesmerising bay where Normandy and Brittany merge, the island draws the eye from great distances. The story of how the mount turned into a great place of Christian pilgrimage is colourful.

Mont Saint-Michel is regarded as a must-see stop-off due to its abbey (which has always been the main goal for pilgrims and tourists), restaurants, and an astonishing view of the bay, and if a Women’s World Cup match in the west of France is on your agenda in 2019, it would be worth the tour.

French cuisine

French cuisine has been influential, particularly in the realm of western cuisine. French Cuisine is a heavenly blend of culture, tradition, sophistication and above all, a love for food. The French look beyond the ingredients and techniques that go into cooking, they consider it as a way of life.

French Cuisine | Photo: The Japan Times

The French love to eat, and to eat well, and for centuries now cuisine has played an important role in French society and in the image that France enjoys abroad. Great chefs are regarded more as artists than simple cooks because French cooking is sophisticated and requires patience and practice to master every aspect of it, and the French culinary heritage is so extensive that it would be almost impossible to put together an exhaustive list.

La Côte d’Azur

Once upon a time, everyone called this glamorous stretch of Mediterranean coast the French Riviera; then in 1888 author Stéphen Liégeard dubbed it La Côte d’Azur, the name stuck and the rest is history. The Côte d’Azur includes famously glamorous beach resorts such as Saint-Tropez and Cannes, and the independent microstate of Monaco.

The Mercantour National Park, together with the 13 other natural parks in the Côte d’Azur department, make up a vast playground for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, canyoning, climbing, and caving. This region also houses 15 ski resorts with over 700km of slopes.

You are definitely in for a World Cup you will never forget!

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