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You’ve Broken One Of These Unspoken Movie Theatre Rules At Least Once!

People have been going to see movies at the theatres for years all over the world. Although there aren’t any laid down rules for the cinema experience– except those created by the movie theatre you decide to visit– in general, there are some things that should be done to make the experience pleasurable for everyone. Some of these unspoken rules are written below and everyone is guilty of at least one.

Photo Credit: Behind the Badge OC

  • Don’t Bring Your Dinner To The Cinema

It’s perfectly understandable to be hungry. Probably you had a long day at work and you couldn’t eat, so you decide to relax and the cinema while chewing on some popcorn or a hotdog. As long as you don’t smuggle or sneak a three-course meal into the hall, you’re doing great. For some people, they just love to sneak foods into the hall and it can be a huge distraction.

  • Try Not To Chew Or Sip Too Loudly

There are ways to chew on your popcorn and sip on your coke without being a nuisance to everyone around you. It might help if you try not chew too much at once or to suck the life out of your juice box when there is clearly nothing left in it. If you’re watching a loud movie with great action sequences, feel free to chew a little louder during loud scenes.

  • Turn Your Phones Off

No matter how you want to spin it, something will always come when you’re at the movies. The truth is that most times, people are so used to checking their phones that it seems like those two hours would last forever. However, if you have an emergency, you probably shouldn’t be seeing a movie. Also, some people just love to check the internet for details about a movie when seeing it which is just plain wrong.

Finally, for those who might argue that a silent phone doesn’t do much harm, the light from the screen is still quite distracting.

  • Avoid Giving Spoilers

This applies people who are seeing a movie for the second time or decided to google the movie and read reviews before watching. Whatever your personal preferences might be, do not ruin the experience for anyone else. Ruining the experience could be as little as explaining a scene to a friend or reacting to an interesting scene just before it happens. This takes away some of the thrill and suspense of the movie.

  • Do Not Hook Up

Some people think this is a romantic gesture but its mostly very distracting no matter the corner you decide to sit in. Whatever your reasons might be, try to keep your hormones at bay till you get back home or until you’re in a more appropriate place.



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