Thursday, 30th November 2023

A new Nigeria is possible- Uzodimma

22 September 2023   |   10:08 am
Gov. Hope Uzodimma of Imo says a new Nigeria where citizens have unfettered freedom to realise their potential, live together and respect each other as brothers and sisters is possible.

nation-buildingnation building in Nigeria can be said to be the political will to do the needful.

“And the needful is quite clear from where I stand: the peoples of Nigeria, as equal entities, should have more power devolved to them as federating units.

“This will make the struggle for power at the centre less combative and inflammable,’’ he said.

Uzodimma advocated for true federalism that would ensure a level playing field for all ethnic nationalities in Nigeria and guarantee justice and equity.

“As a matter of urgency, we should facilitate discussions along these lines.

“This can be achieved either through another national conference or, for a start, by the adoption of the recommendations of the 2014 National Conference,’’ he said.

Uzodimma added that a new Nigeria where the constitution allows different segments to control their resources for the benefit of all is possible.

He said that all that was needed to do was adapt the formula to suit Nigeria’s peculiar circumstances.

Uzodimma also identified good governance as the right way to go in the immediate time in building Nigeria the citizens dreamed of.

He said that good governance would also help to eradicate poverty and unemployment in the land, which he described as twin canker worms that had eaten deep into the fabric of nation-building efforts.

He called for joint effort to eradicate the two eminent and heinous threats to Nigeria’s collective existence and progress as a nation.

“Permit me to add that in this regard, President Bola Tinubu is doing great.

“With the well thought out polices he is pulling in place, I have no doubt that the problem of poverty and unemployment will be addressed,’’ Uzodimma said.

He described the book titled “The Making of Modern Nigeria: from the Pre-Colonial Era to Date’’ as a bold and timely attempt to chronicle our history or evolution as a nation.

He said that Nigeria history had not been sufficiently documented for posterity because valuable aspects of its journey were not fully captured.

“I have no doubt, therefore, that this new book would be a valuable addition to the subject of our checkered history as a young and developing nation.

“Without a doubt, the book will help to keep the subject of our nationhood on the front burner,’’ Uzodimma said.

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