Monday, 11th December 2023

Digitstem: Making Nigerians millionaires

By Guardian Nigeria
06 February 2023   |   2:00 am
Digitstem was co-founded by a group of four Nigerians which are ODUDU AKPAN, KING LEONARD, IFIOK AKPAN, and UCHE FESTUS.

Digitstem was co-founded by a group of four Nigerians which are ODUDU AKPAN, KING LEONARD, IFIOK AKPAN, and UCHE FESTUS. Digitstem is a network that was borne out of a need to connect product owners and affiliate marketers looking to reach, sell and scale their product online. The company prides itself in creating new, convenient, and remote job opportunities that helps to foster financial freedom and stability with an overall impact in the reduction of unemployment level in the nation.

Digitstem is a platform that has been making waves for a while now and people are leveraging on this hit prospect. First was launched on the July 1, 2022, Digistem currently has over 45,000 users including product owners and affiliate. It has rolled out over 150 Million naira to its users in different categories and has thousands of individual who has made their first N50, 000 – N100, 000 online using their smart phone.

Affiliates like Tobi Adebisi, a corps member, Damilola Abiodun, Timothy Ogunjimi, Adekunle Ridwan etc, and even a 16years old Joshua Ndukwe to mention but a few were able to make their first million online on the platform.

Digitstem was launched amidst the current economic crisis, strike and unemployment going on in Nigeria and other African Countries, with the aim to help young people acquire various digital and thrive independently to earn a living at the comfort of their home. Speaking on what inspired the creation of the product or service and how it will impact the country, Digitstem CEO says “The digital world has revolutionized the way we think, interact, and create, empowering us to bridge distances, break barriers, and build a better tomorrow. Our inspiration was drawn from the need to create a more seamless digital system to connect product creators and consumers, and as well automating repetitive processes of conventional marketing”.

The platform, Digitstem has worked on a self-paced e-learning platform to help our customers acquire hot and in-demand digital skills. The platform is distinguished with its Integration of e-learning platform to assist our affiliates acquire high income paying skills. It’s seamless payment process to over 10 countries, with an affordable registration fee or starting fee.

Digitstem guarantees that affiliates are to gain in-demand digital-related skills such as blogging, sales closing, Instagram marketing, web development, and creating digital products. Vendors are guaranteed that their products are well secured and delivered properly to appropriate buyers.