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An international conversation – Part 1


Boris: The big bumpy bully has finally dumped the JCPOA agreement! We saw it coming right from the election campaign period.
Pierre: Yes we did; we all did! That’s the reason we all prayed that he should not win. Yes, he is too much of an outsider, too much so!
Boris: If anybody should complain it should not be you Monsieur Pierre!
Pierre: You can say that again; but I have played by the rules of the game!
Boris: That you have done; that you have done. Congratulations on being able to walk the tight rope!
Pierre: Not too fast; I am sure you witnessed the demonstrations against my policies last week.
Boris: It’s all in the game; don’t worry. You’ve done well like the typical wily politician who receives good advice from his mother!
Pierre: Mother is Gold, particularly when she is also a wife!
Helmut: I am sure you are not here to bicker!
Boris: Not really; just a little friendly tease!

Helmut: I did not need to pray for Trump to lose. I believed he would not win. But win he did and now we are stuck with the infantile ego of an outsider!
Boris: Sad and tragic! Even Reagan would be turning in his grave!
Helmut: Well, he can only turn 360 degrees; there is nothing he can do.
Boris: There’s nothing we can do either!

Pierre: No one can say we didn’t try. In fact my boss stuck out his youthful neck, accompanied by his ‘Mama Wife’ to try and talk sense into his numb skull.
Helmut: Yeah! State visit, big speeches, including addressing Congress, and their glamorous wives in tow!
Boris: Yeah; it was amusing when I saw all of you guys lining up in Washington to kiss the hand of the new Monarch, pleading with him not to undo what took all of us ten years to achieve. It’s so sweet my principal did not join the charade!

Helmut: Now you can sing hallelujah!
Boris: Sure! With reasonable gusto! Long live the Queen!
Pierre: Long live the Republic!

Boris: You knocked off your monarch centuries ago! Else we would be hailing the monarchy!
Helmut: Antiquities have no role in the 21st Century! Long live the International Order of Mutual Cooperation!
Pierre & Boris: Long live the International Order of Mutual Cooperation!
Pierre: But we need America.


Helmut: Sure we need America, yes we do! But we do not Trump or a Trump for that matter!
Pierre: What’s the difference between America and Trump if I may ask?
Helmut: Trump is not America just as Hitler wasn’t Germany. We made the mistake of electing the demagogue when Hindenburg was compelled to appoint Hitler Chancellor in 1933.
Pierre: But Hitler became Germany while he reigned and ruled! We could not separate one from the other!
Boris: So it stands to reason that Trump is currently America until the people say no to him through the midterm elections or impeachment or during 2021 general elections!

Helmut: The danger of Trump is that the Western alliance is under threat too. We are currently reviewing our policy of no-Army. We need to defend ourselves. The 1939-45 sentiments are over!

Boris: You have a point Herr Helmut. Of course geographically America is unreachable by the enemy; at least I think so. So NATO must rise to the occasion and Germany has the resources to lead. Trump has never hidden his disdain for NATO.
Pierre: He lacks a sense of history. Isolation does not pay; has never paid off in history!
Helmut: But let us also look inwards; why have we made America the main stay of our defence systems? Is it not dangerous?
Boris: We must place everything in a historical context. Strategic alliances have always given the world a sense of balance.
Helmut: But we must not think that things would remain the same.
Pierre: Now back to Iran.
Helmut: Yes, back to Iran.
Boris: The deal was the best we could get under the circumstances in which we found ourselves.
Pierre: Perhaps we should reiterate one premise: on no condition, whether now or in the future should Iran be allowed to develop nuclear power, whether for war or for peace.
Helmut & Boris: Mutually agreed!
Pierre: What’s the next option now that we are left on the same boat as Russia?
Helmut: Russia as usual is up to double games. I won’t be surprised if they secretly help Iran now that Trump has given them a sound excuse.
Pierre: Not likely, no not likely!
Boris: Russia is still in cahoots sort of with Israel.
Helmut: Does that matter? I think Russia realizes how unsteady the regime in Iran is at this time. They are not likely to undermine international security just to spite America.

Pierre: Nothing is certain anymore! See what is going on in North Korea. Did we envisage this three months ago?
Boris: Isn’t that one of the problems? The fact that Trump’s unorthodox methods have brought Kim Jong Un to the table!
Helmut: I would think that Kim Jong Un has agreed to negotiate because he now has the bomb. He has gained international recognition as a nuclear power!
Pierre: I don’t see him throwing away his stockpile just to get the world to ease sanctions! Things have gone beyond that in my view!
Boris: The young man has made some smart moves recently – meeting with the South, meeting with China and getting ready for a summit with Trump!
Helmut: I hope Little Rocket Man will not out-maneuver the ‘Mentally deranged US dotard’.
Pierre: Not likely. Just wondering how sincere Little Rocket Man is though.
Boris: Did you really use that word, sincerity? Do you expect any iota of sincerity in all of this?
Helmut: Shssssssh!

Boris: Ok. Iran has given a measured response. They want to watch the situation for five months before taking a decision.
Helmut: That’s smart. Guess we must now sit down with Iran and assure them that the del is on.
Pierre: Is that possible without America?
Boris: Good question, good good question!
Helmut: We should identify a common ground and work with Russia to keep the deal going.
Pierre: What about American sanctions?

Helmut: It’s just a bluff. America cannot afford to sanction us its Western allies.
Boris: Now, I do not trust that man in the White House! He could come loose and let out shells of anger before realizing that there had been a mistake!
Pierre: He has secured the release of three prisoners from North Korea!
Boris: Means nothing; some other Americans had been freed in the past as a result of interventions. Clinton did that before.
Pierre: But this is Trump; I am sure he will argue that no American had ever been released before from North Korea.
Helmut: We know his style.

Boris: If I were Iran I would steady the course and begin to make alternative plans, especially with Russia to enrich…
Helmut: Shssssssssh! We are in public.
Boris: Okay. Let’s meet again next week in a more secure place to discuss the issue.
Helmut: Cool.
Boris: A deal?
Helmut: Deal
Pierre: Deal
Boris: Cool; we are not America which unilaterally pulls out of agreements- the Paris Climate Accord, TPP and now the JCPOA!


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