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Edo State last Saturday: All hail President Taciturn Buhari


We all witnessed happily what happened in Edo State last Saturday, 19 September, 2020, the year of our Lord, our one unforgettable Lord of God’s one and only Heaven that is Heaven. Believing this to be so, we must dedicate Edo State’s immensely successful gubernatorial election of last Saturday to the glory of God that never ever deceives or lies to us especially who strongly believe in His ever-lasting word, will, wish and revelation.

Last Saturday’s gubernatorial election in our country’s “Heart Beat of the Nation” state has demonstrated in no unmistakable term that we are a country and a nation of enlightened humans united in what rightly might be termed an Order of Foreknowledge and as the Quest for high purpose and generous idealism. The Edo gubernatorial election has clearly confirmed that our whole consciousness and being henceforth should and shall impel us to right action that will make our laws never ever to fail, that will never ever break our spirits and humanity, and that will never ever allow our rights as men and as persons to be violated by selfish and thoughtless persons and institutions run by improperly trained and in-disciplined minds not capable of interpreting our ideals for our common good and greatness.


It is in this connection that the Supreme Spiritual Masters of Merit have directed me to dedicate my column today to the President of Nigeria President Mohammadu Buhari for the spiritually as well as physically positive role he played last Saturday in entrenching a new democratic course and vision in our country. In the fourth sentence of the fifth paragraph of my last Saturday’s appearance here, I said as follows: “Clearly and interestingly so, rulers and leaders of the right colour are expected to be elected by the common agreement of the people and as ordained by God.”President Buhari yielded to this thought last Saturday in Edo State even though he and his kitchen cabinet might not be aware of or might not be conversant with the hidden springs that animated the right presidential conduct he displayed as part of God’s political as well as heavenly plan and will for our common good. President Buhari our President Taciturn or President Taciturnity responsibly did not display his big and mighty federal might as many of our compatriots wrongly or rightly feared that he would do.

But he could not have done anything outside what he rightly did after the Supreme Spiritual Masters of Merit on God’s behalf properly nourished him to open a new democratic door and order for our country. He should henceforth make more manifest our secret and open dream of our democratic paradigm that is part of a Global and Universal Plan. He inevitably must follow, as he had never really done before now, Nigeria’s democratic course and curve on the right motion away from the state of despotism and autarchy to happiness and freedom.


The consequences of his failure to do this will damage direly his presidency and human conduct outside the watch of the Spiritual Masters of Merit who shall let him violate himself and his presidential potentials. Let me add further that although Buhari was divinely sanctioned to be our president at the time he entered the federal headquarters and rock of power, he is not yet our messiah. However, he can still be ordained as the messiah if he cautions himself and withdraws his wrong steps and walks straight and works decently, diligently and dutifully as an impartial compatriot and patriot and immaculate director and master of our orchestra of chiming destiny of unqualified greatness. With his uncanny performance at the Edo gubernatorial election he has demonstrated that he is determined to be what he must positively be to us as we echoed when we heralded him to his present presidential throne in 2015 in the patriotic hope that he would give us what we want and which he is yet to give us.

Interestingly, but curiously to many persons, his acceptance of the result of the Edo gubernatorial election without qualms or without inhibitions has confirmed to us that he still has in him the prudence that will enable him to exercise correctly the mighty force in mortal affairs, as possessed by genuinely great leaders, “toward the perpetuation and preservation of a civilized state among nations.” On this score I must announce gleefully that I am voicing the collective voice of the Supreme Spiritual Masters of Merit once again.

All members of the APC in Edo State and elsewhere must follow the REAL leader of their party and send congratulatory words and sentences to Governor Godwin Obaseki and the PDP for winning squarely, democratically and in accordance with the will and wish of God last Saturday’s gubernatorial election in Edo State. Mr. Osagie Ize-Iyamu, who led his supporters and followers to another gubernatorial electoral defeat in Edo State, should follow his president our president to construct a democratic statement of congratulations to his victorious opponent without delay.

He should out-talk anyone who is making it his/her duty to advise him against the spiritual grain of the spiritual world of brotherhood I am here offering him once again. If he unwisely recourses to the courts, he will be vanquished as he was in the election last Saturday. He will once again be vanquished big, big time. He better believes me without hesitation. Godwin Obaseki is the Rock of God. I said so before and I am saying so again. Osagie Ize-Iyamu should not follow again his loquacious newly found god-father to taunt and rebel against God again who brought Obaseki before and has brought him again to Edo government house. Let me repeat myself by insisting that dear, dear Pastor Osagie-Ize-Iyamu should follow the wisely bold resolution of President Taciturn Buhari (PTB) to wish Governor Godwin Obaseki splendidly and gloriously well on his democratically extended tenure.


This is Ize-Iyamu’s duty and glorious opportunity to re-carve him-self wisely as a worthy democrat in the democratic hearts of Edo people, and as a healthy pastor of his church, Redeemed Christian Church of God, which is a worthy member of the body of Christ. And he should remain a good party-man loyal sincerely, genuinely and super-obediently to his president our president the supreme leader of his party. After all, Edo nor be Lagos. Yes, yes, yes and no, no, no. More appropriately, Bendel nor be Lagos. Abi nor be so? Na so. President Taciturn concurs. And this is one reason why all of us must hail this president for making it impossible for those who were committed to turning the ageless state of Edo into 1983 Ondo State of Akin Omoboriowo (now late).

Now talking about Ondo State, who will win the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Ondo State? We give the victory there to the candidate of the APC. But I am still in confidential communication with the Supreme Spiritual Masters of Merit within and without our shores. So far Governor Rotimi Akeredolu is the one standing out and conspicuously so. But I am still in deep contemplation with the Supreme Masters of Contemplation and Meditation, I restate. Do not pooh-pooh me or laugh me to scorn as you may be tempted to do. Something go shele. Meanwhile, the rest is silence…

Afejuku can be reached via 08055213059.


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