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The unwise decision of PDP, Benue State chapter


Former Benue State Governor, Gabriel Suswam

Sir: The decision of the Peoples Democratic Party, Benue State chapter, which welcomed and ticketed Governor Samuel Ortom as its governorship candidate for the next coming general elections has shown how flippant (unserious) the party is towards the coming governorship election in the state.

Instead of the party to learn from its previous mistakes, the party is rather busy making more and endangering its future chances. PDP should know that when a mistake is repeated severally, it is no longer a mistake but a habit.

Somebody who has been the governor for almost four years under another political party and used the workers’ salary to expand his personal businesses, jumped into your party (PDP), you welcomed and elected him to be your candidate in an election for the governorship position in the state as if he came into your party as someone with laudable achievements. PDP should know that a thief will always be a thief anywhere he goes.

Payment of salary is now an achievement in Benue State where the state owned media houses broadcasts it and the irrelevant and eyes service loyalists of the governor applaud him for paying one month’s salary of the workers out of the 13 months that he owes.

Yet, PDP can welcome such an individual and honour him with its governorship ticket for the coming governorship election in the state. What a senseless sense.

I am happy that the good people of Benue are very educated and their eyes are widely opened to see very clearly and understand even without being lectured.

We know that the preferential selection of Governor Ortom as PDP governorship candidate in the state is for the interest of few persons who manipulated things to enable him secure the ticket and not for the interest of Benue people.

Ortom who promised affordable education for the people during his campaign rallies for 2015 elections in the state, came into power and increased the school fees at the state owned university.

Is that the fulfillment of his promise on affordable education for the people in the state?

The former governor Gabriel Suswam was owing four months’ salary and Ortom used that to score a political point by ensuring the people in his campaign speeches that if elected governor, he will pay all the outstanding salaries of the workers. The people were happy with him and he was voted in.

Now, the same person who promised to clear the four months’ outstanding salary of the workers is owing the same workers for six months, some seven months, others eight months and some even for one year plus four months.

After failing to fulfill his promise, he blamed the former governor Suswam for his failure.

Now that he came back to PDP and former governor Suswam helped him to secured the party’s ticket, he is blaming Senator Akume for his failure to pay the accumulated salary of the workers.

Suswam is no longer responsible for his failure. Yet, PDP found him worthy to be its governorship candidate. What a shame.

Awunah Pius Terwase, Mpape, wrote from Abuja.

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