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Tinubu: A product of ‘gifted’ insults


Oshiomhole, Osinbajo, Buhari, Tinubu at APC Chieftains victory meeting

Sir: Love Tinubu at your own political leverage and advantage, or hate him at your own political perils. Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, popularly known as Jagaban, is a political juggernaut and master strategist.

Controversially, what the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo couldn’t achieve or influence in his lifetime seems to have been providentially appropriated to Jagaban, the Iwin (gnome) of Bourdilon, Lagos State.

Historically, when Awolowo was being maligned, vilified and even sentenced to prison, the late political sage was so magnanimous with his enemies (this is not the case with Jagaban).


Awo’s political enemies leveraged on his magnanimity to shortchange him of the presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Among his political enemies were Mr. Tortoise (Obasanjo, a master to sociopath politicians, grandstanders and opportunists), the judiciary headed by his kinsmen from the then western region and other political traitors in the fouled politics of Nigeria.

Admissibly, the irony of our politics today is the evolving development in our body polity.

The scions of Awo’s political distractors are meeting their match in Ògbóngé-Jagaban. Jagaban has an apt message for his concerned fans and adversaries in Lagos: “Some people get easily angry whenever they see me being insulted. I think that is childish. I’m a politician and it is my right to be insulted. It is my right to be called names; it is my right to get bad wishes from whoever I outrun in the polity.”

Jagaban is a student of history and he’s using his political expertise and experience to leverage his political future and the future of his political scions.

Jagaban is a political pugilist. He is a quintessential strategist with sustained idea of how to punch his political enemies where it hurts most! “Politics, sometimes, is a bully game, don’t get distracted and keep your eyes on the ball. It is a game of number but equally important, a game of common sense with sole aim of improving people’s lives with right policies,” Jagaban asserted.

In politics, you must be calculative and anticipatory of the antics of your enemies. You must understand the art of losing to fight another day to win. Jagaban is a good student of Muhammed Ali.


Hear the man of Bourdilon: “Mohammed Ali was a great boxer, he punched you once, he ran away, he made you angry so much that you lose your focus and balance, then he would hit you hard….. Those who must beat him must never be angry or lose focus while fighting, keep your strategy to yourself….win some, lose some, that’s politics, but you must strive to win all but you can never win all…..” In reality, an envisioned leader isn’t encumbered by the noises emanating from the market; a strategic leader focuses his attention on the goodies coming out from the marketplace of ideas.

“Good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit.” Jagaban has adequately armed himself with the nuances above to leverage the goodwill of Lagosians.

Jagaban is an immutable recipient of insults, he remains unscathed as long as he continues to influence the Lagosians to vote for people with impeccable credentials to sustain the development of Lagos State.

The Iwin (gnome) of Bourdilon is unencumbered by the empty brouhaha emanating from the children of corruption. He understands them very well.

Jagaban’s conclusion is a stunning admonition to his fans and adversaries: “As for insults and abuse, I have received uncountable insults since I joined politics. You can see where I am today politically. I’m a product of insults, left right and centre, that’s my food and medicine.”

Tinubu is a man of the people. A vintage and trusted leader to Lagosians.

Undoubtedly, Tinubu is a household name in the political nomenclature of Nigeria. Love Tinubu at your own political leverage and advantage or hate him at your own political perils.

•Yahaya Balogun wrote from Arizona, USA.

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