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Daniel Moses – Helping people become property millionaires

Daniel Moses is the CEO of , Property Wealth Corporation an organization that focus on property management, property development, property education, property investment & partnership and business education. Tell us about you and your business? My name is Daniel Moses, and I am someone with an intense drive and passion for growth and success. Over…

Daniel Moses

Daniel Moses is the CEO of , Property Wealth Corporation an organization that focus on property management, property development, property education, property investment & partnership and business education.

Tell us about you and your business?
My name is Daniel Moses, and I am someone with an intense drive and passion for growth and success. Over the years I have worked my way through various industries and personal circumstances, overcoming every challenge, and have proven to be a rising star in the UK property industry.

With a unique approach to cultivating success through a success mindset and unique strategies in property, I have developed an advanced skill set that I believe will soon influence the wider European real estate market. 

With the Property Wealth organization programmed to operate with multiple streams of income and market influence, I have managed to beat the odds, and ultimately dominate my sector by becoming one of the UK’s most successful Nigerian self-made property millionaires, property investors, coaches, mentors, authors, wealth generators, professional mentors, and keynote speakers, who is now sharing great stages with the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk and more.

I was born and raised in Nigeria, however, my search for a better life started in 2004 when I first visited the UK for the first time. In 2015 I lost well over £150,000 in my Nigerian transportation business which caused me to go through anxiety and depression. I then moved back to the UK, became a delivery driver for a few months, and then moved onto becoming an Uber taxi driver. Sixteen months after, I got into property investing, and through the use of various property investment strategies, I have successfully built a 7-figure property business within the last five years and created a new profession for myself.

I founded Property Wealth Education alongside Kevin Kludje, where we help individuals get started in property investing and are dedicated to creating more property investors day in day out. Property Wealth Education’s mission is to build people and create opportunity by transforming mindsets.

Tell us about your current business performance
Despite starting our education arm of the corporation during the pandemic, and operating almost entirely throughout the UK national lockdown restrictions, the business has grown tremendously. In 2020 the business had just 2 employees, Kevin and I. Now Property Wealth Education has seven in-house employees and a turnover of just under £500,000 gross since starting out in February 2020. My personal brand has been featured in many articles including Yahoo Finance, CNBC News article, Fox news, and several Nigerian business interview articles focusing on how an immigrant from Nigeria has done so well abroad. My Instagram has reached over 40 thousand followers. My Property Wealth Podcast  has seen over 1000 downloads since it launched in February 2021. I wrote a property investment book called Rent to Rent Made Easy which has so far sold over 500 copies physically, and on Amazon online, becoming an Amazon bestseller.

Evidence significant and sustained business achievements through a robust vision and growth strategy.
My vision is to build people and continually create opportunities by creating hundreds of successful property investors. Over the course of approximately two years, I have helped over 150 people get started in property. Throughout my journey, Property Wealth Education has experienced rapid growth and have found that most of its audience tend to be from Black, Asian, and minority ethnic (“BAME”) backgrounds. Property Wealth Education has decided to focus on this, and the results speak for themselves in the publicly shared success of its clients and am glad to that two of my current students are being interviewed along with myself here, which really show what we doing.

Explain how this compares to your competitors and peers in your business sector
There is no other black-lead property/wealth coaching company as large as Property Wealth Education. We have disrupted a predominantly white male industry and become competitors of the leading property/wealth training companies in the UK within a very short space of time.

Demonstrate that this business performance is sustainable for long term growth
The more people Property Wealth Education helps, the more people are able to help the company. Because Property Wealth Education invests so much of its revenue back into the business, it is able to continually strengthen its business operations, from front house marketing to client mentorship, right the way back to corporate governance and infrastructure. Property Wealth Education is a structured company with established systems and controls which adequately supports operational scaling, mentorship growth, and expansions in all other business areas.  We are constantly on the lookout for new hires and ambitious individuals to join our team. Our most experienced clients also get the chance to join our team as coaches, this means we can help even more people and provide even more value.

We are also interested in hearing how businesses have adapted and changed to meet the challenges and opportunities of Covid-19 for consideration of a special award. Please advise how you have invested and developed new products, services, techniques, skills or processes to meet the changing demands that Covid-19 brought to your business and how you are maintaining or increasing your operations in established and new markets as a result.

During the lockdown, I faced some difficult challenges but they made me realise the importance of using social media, online mediums like Zoom and other online platforms and using the internet to the company’s advantage. Lockdown showed everyone a new way of working. All the Property Wealth products and services were moved online, even networking events! I adapted what the industry already had done and made it more suitable for the virtual world. With tools like Zoom at the company’s disposal, it made integrating and carrying out events, workshops and mentoring incredibly easy to manage and organise. Client reviews even found that people enjoy this more than in-person events as they get to enjoy the content, engage, and network all whilst being at home. I believe this is the way of the future, and Covid-19 only accelerated this transition. Regardless of our success during the lockdown, I am a firm believer that successful businesses need to be able to adapt incredibly quick and to do this, the Property Wealth Corporation is constantly re-investing back into its businesses and its staff to keep up with the fast-paced world we live in.

Share some success stories with us:

well, you have them here and sure they can speak for themselves and there are many more students whose lives we have changed due to information we have provided through Property Wealth Education.

Abiodun Quadry: 

Born and raised in Nigeria, having spent my teenage years coming to the UK for holidays, I decided to complete my master’s degree program in the UK, and after working odd jobs for a year, I finally got my first job as an analyst in the most reputable governmental company in the UK.

With a solid background in IT as an Analyst, I recently ventured into real estate investing and now I’m in the process of acquiring my first buy-to-let property using the Buy-Refurb-Rent-Refinance (BRRR) property strategy.

Why I started property:
I grew up in a household of business-oriented parents and grandparents from, which none was ever an employee. While my dad is a consultant, my mum invested in land, building residential and commercial properties, and as the last child I spent lots of time with her (last born syndrome), so it’s very natural for me to go into property and understanding the value of what investing in a asset means for me and generations to come.

How PWE has helped me bring my property journey to success:

While I was looking to get into property investment, I decided to do market research on people that are really doing the type of real estate investment I want to do, which is not just the conventional buy-to-let landlords. I started to follow Daniel Moses closely amongst others as he was very transparent with his journey, property investment, and development process. So, I attended his boot camp and joined his inner circle gold mentoring program to invest in my knowledge first before investing in the market.

With PWE I have learnt how to source the right deals, network with high end clients, raise finance, joint venture and help other IT professionals like me who may enjoy their 9-5 careers but looking to own or earn passively from property portfolio. I have currently raised over £150,000 in joint venture arrangements which will be used to secure my first deal. This exposure and change in mindset wouldn’t have been possible without the knowledge and help from PWE and Daniel Moses.

Abideen Kosoko:

I am driven by a passion to build wealth through property investment.

I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. I moved to the U.K in 2009 to study Computer Science but I did not finish the course and was a university drop out. I had a lack of direction and certainty with what I wanted out of life. I moved from job to job, not having a real focus. When my son was born in 2016 it was a tough transition for my partner and I, as we realised full-time childcare was as much as a full-time salary.

We decided that it was better for me to stay at home and look after him full time. She was earning more and so it made financial sense but it was that decision that was the start of a very dark time in my life. I had no sense of purpose and depression soon followed.

Why I started property:
I was a father, a son and a brother with no money to support my family the way I wanted to. Something had to change and so I started with myself and self-development. I read books such as “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and these started to change my mindset and I started thinking of opportunities outside of my current situation.

In November 2017, I ventured into property using the ‘Rent-to-Rent’ property strategy and began my company even though I had no money and had to borrow money to get educated. It was not an easy road and it took me almost a year to get my first deal. Daniel Moses really supported me during this time and even came to my property viewings, which he did out of genuine support completely free. He motivated me to keep going when I doubted myself or felt fear.

How PWE has helped me bring my property journey to success:
My company has been growing year-on-year and now has a turnover around half a million pounds so far, all thanks to the support of Daniel Moses.  I am now looking to start acquiring and building owned portfolio using the Buy Refurb-Rent-Refinance property strategy and looking forward to this next phase of my education with PWE.

How do you help people and What service do you Provide?
We help those who are interested in getting into property in many ways such as first educating on how property investment really works and can be used to really change their lives and building a legacy, we do that by first influence and then educating them, we have various training events and seminars year in and year out.

The other services are Property Management, Property Development, Property Investment & Partnership feel free to connect with on the info below

How can people connect with you Daniel?
Property wealth and business podcast:

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