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50 days after… 12 lessons from BBNaija shine Ya Eye

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11 September 2021   |   12:11 am
BIG Brother Naija would have aired 24/7 for 50 days tomorrow, and believe it or not, there are lessons to take away from watching the housemates for this long.

Big Brother Naija would have aired 24/7 for 50 days tomorrow, and believe it or not, there are lessons to take away from watching the housemates for this long. While many would prefer to think that there’s nothing to gain from watching the show, these 12 lessons beg to differ.

Here are 12 takeaways from the Big Brother Naija housemates on Day 50:
1. Don’t underestimate anyone
If you didn’t already get this lesson from past seasons of Big Brother Naija, maybe you’ll understand it now. This year, the house thought Maria was the alpha female and would make it into the finals. She also believed this and underestimated other female housemates like Queen and Angel. Interestingly, she was evicted at the beginning of the sixth week. Both girls are still in the house after surviving last week’s eviction Sunday.

Perhaps, everyone is guilty of underestimating Yousef. He made it into the seventh week and will be in the eighth week since he is not up for eviction this Sunday. He has gone from one of the housemates the fans wanted to leave to possibly making it to the top 10.

2. Bad behaviour will catch up with you
Bad behaviour will eventually catch up with you – no matter how much you try to hide. If you are doing things people would frown at, you should probably quit before it gets too messy. Take Boma and Tega, for example. They had to have known that their relationship was sort of taboo, and people would frown against it. Yet, they convinced themselves they were creating content and giving the fans what they wanted. Instead, their actions came back to bite them in the butt, lost them the chance to win N90 million and gave them a bad name. Tega now has to fight to make things right with her husband and keep her home, while Boma holds on to everything to keep his name clean.

3. The way to a man’s heart isn’t always through his stomach
Africans like to say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. However, the dynamic between Pere (the General) and Whitemoney (The resident cook) has proved there might be some exceptions to this thinking. Despite all the hard work Whitemoney puts into making sure the other housemates are well fed, Pere seems bent on sending him packing. Interestingly, the General will eat the food, then turn around to create problems for White or put him up for eviction.

4. Having a strategy for everything is key
Over the years, housemates have preferred to go with the narrative that they have no strategies – but having a game plan for life and games is supposed to be a good thing. This year, Pere, Boma and Whitemoney have not hidden the fact that they are handling the game with a plan. And no matter how you view it, it has mostly worked for them.

5. Love is not always enough
We hear this a lot, but it never seems to sink in. This year, Saga and Nini’s one-sided love is proving it to us again. Saga has clearly fallen head over heels in love with the Nigerian-Indian beauty. However, it does not seem to be enough to win her over. Nini has stuck to her guns and remained faithful to her partner out of the house. This has left Saga with his unrequited love and a lesson for viewers.

6. Don’t judge a book by its cover
This rings truer than ever for Angel. The 21-year-old has stirred up conversations in and out of the house for her mode of dressing and tattoos. Yet, hard exterior or not, fans seem to love her. This is because, at her core, she’s proven to be kind-hearted, soft, and genuine. Contrary to what many may think, Angel’s style or tattoo barely even begins to scratch the surface of who this young lady really is.

7. When it’s your time, everything will align
Liquorose, JayPaul, and Whitemoney have tales of coming close to getting into the house in previous seasons but falling through. Yet, they made it into the house this year and got to face improved living conditions and the chance to win even more money. Clearly, this was the right time for them to be on the show, and they are better for it.

8. Most talked about is not necessarily a good thing
Just because you are the queen of highlights or people talk about you does not mean they like you. Until Maria left the house, she was at the top of the conversation. Yet, only a few people were voting for the former airhostess. Similarly, Tega and Boma have been the hottest topics of conversations this past week, but it has not been flattering

9. Relationships are always messy when it’s a game
Relationships are hard enough, but they are more complicated when people make them into a game. This season of Big Brother Naija simply reminds viewers to be upfront about their feelings and avoid playing games with other people’s emotions. It never ends well.

10. Don’t take up a fight that’s not yours. It could backfire
This has been a recurring issue this season. Someone hears something, and then says it to another person. Alternatively, someone is fighting and others take sides or actively join in the fight. Sometimes, fighting for someone is noble. Other times, it’s just plain stupid. If you have to take on a battle that was not originally yours, do well to weigh the pros and cons.

11. In this life, know how to cook
This sounds like a joke, but it’s crucial for several reasons. Apart from being an essential life skill, housemates like Whitemoney have proven that you can buy people over with food. If you know how to cook in a place others don’t, you already have the advantage. You just have to know how to use it well.

12. Being original will never go out of style
Housemates like Cross, Liquorose, and Angel have won several hearts across the continent with their originality. Fans will confirm that Cross and Angel seem genuine, so it’s easier to connect with them. It’s just one more reminder to stay true to yourself. Or as Simi puts it in her Original Baby song, “No matter the pressure, be yourself”.

There are still 27 days till the end of the show and ample time to take away more lessons. It’s best to learn from these housemates who have opted to show the world their flaws than learn by making them yourself. Big Brother Naija will end on Sunday, 3rd October 2021. When one of the housemates walks away with N90 million, you should also walk away with new life lessons, at the very least.

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