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Abigail Crown…Taking gospel music to the next level


Abigail Crown is a Nigerian gospel artiste based in the United Kingdom. While in Nigeria, she attended Learning Land Nursery and Primary school in Ogun State, secondary school education at The Ambassadors College, Ota. After that, she moved to the United Kingdom, and attended Eltham Hill Technology College for girls, where she completed her GCSEs and later did her BTEC Level 3 Health and Social Care at Christ the King St Mary Sixth Form College. She studied Health Studies (BA Hons) at De Montfort University in Leicester. Abigail loves to sing and made the decision to do music ministry on her 20th birthday while at the University. After recording several cover songs on YouTube, Abigail got positive responses and that motivated her to start recording and releasing her original songs. She currently serves as music minister, praise and worship leader, and gospel recording artiste. She shares her journey into the music industry and new projects.

When did you discover your passion for music?
I discovered my passion for music from a young age. I’ve been singing in the choir for as long as I can remember. In my teens, I would imagine myself doing music professionally so at the age of 16, I started taking my passion for music seriously by going to music studios to record covers.

Describe your music?
I would say my music is scripture put into melodic sounds. The scripture inspires every song I release and they come from specific revelations.


What do you think of Nigerian gospel artistes?
I think Nigerian gospel artistes are starting to invest a lot into their work in terms of quality videos, marketing etc, which is fantastic. It shows that they truly believe in the gospel that they are preaching and they’re willing to go all the way for Christ.

How long have you been singing professionally?
I’ve been singing professionally since October 2015 which is when I decided to start accepting invitations as a gospel minister. I then released my first single in 2016.

Your inspiration
God is truly my inspiration. He gives me every song I sing. If God hasn’t given me a song, I’m not releasing music. That’s the way I operate. I’m also inspired by worship leaders all over the world who take their assignment seriously and continuously put in all the effort in service at their local assemblies.

What’s your take on gospel artiste going into secular music?
I think it’s quite sad, but I guess it’s as a result of frustration. Hence, why I always encourage gospel ministers to have another source of income especially when they first start in ministry so that, they don’t get pressured or discouraged if they don’t make money from ministry. I see music/ministry as my offering to God and a service unto God. “The gift of a man maketh room for him and makes him to stand before Kings and not mean men.” If indeed God has called you, He will support and give you favour. It is usually better for you to depend on the God as He is faithful and will not let you down. Besides, if people celebrate you and heaven does not know you, what do you stand to gain at the end? Moreso, the praise of men is a snare as the people that say Hosanna today will turn to say crucify him tomorrow.

Your role models in the music industry
My role model is Kierra Sheard.

Tell us about your new work
My new album, which is out now is titled Incomprehensible. The songs on the Incomprehensible album are a selection of songs that express some of my revelations of who God is. I’ve experienced him to be the God who loves unfailingly, has a plan for me in His will, the God who came to give me salvation, the God who reigns and is exalted and so much more. The purpose of this album is to let people know that God is incomprehensible. You may have known him to be your healer, your provider, but God can be so much more to you. He longs to reveal himself to us in a new way every day.

What’s your favourite song and why?
My favourite songs at the moment are Incomprehensible and So Grateful from my new album. Those tracks were the easiest to work on, in the whole album. They express my gratitude to God for all the things he has done.


Your most memorable moment on stage
I was singing to an audience of students, encouraging them during the exam season. And people sang along, clapped along and a few people cried as I ministered.

Who are your favourite gospel artistes in the music industry?
I don’t have a favourite gospel artiste. I admire every gospel minister but I love Don Moen, Jaye Thomas, Kierra Sheard amongst others.

Describe your style of music?
My music could be described as contemporary upbeat gospel or praise and worship.

What would you like to change in the Nigerian music industry?
I wish musicians, producers, graphic designers, promoters and all those involved in the work that artistes do, would treat Christian music ministers with more respect and honesty, bearing in mind that what we are doing is God’s assignment. I believe that what we do is unto God and that’s the more reason why we should be encouraged and supported by these people. Rather than being discouraged and often duped.

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