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Encounter with a mermaid


[FILES] Mermaid. photo/fjbhotels

No man could resist the beauty of Sandra; not in this world. No suitable adjective could be coined for her celestial beauty, which was unparalleled. She was angelic, stainless and spotless, light-skinned, tall, charming, gazelle-like and enchanting.

She had a carriage that dwarfs thousands of beautiful ladies. Her eyes shone and sparkled like a thousand stars. Her teeth were as white as snow, and she was gap-toothed too. Her smiles could disarm the fiercest of warlords.

Sandra’s beauty was simply out of this world. Everything about her beauty was excellent, a beauty that could be compared to none other, even in a beauty pageant.


The only snag- Sandra was possessed by an evil demon that killed any man she fell in love with within two months of the relationship. Her targets were usually young men who had a bright future ahead of them. Young men, as you know, have a relentless penchant to lust after any beautiful daughter of Eve, not minding whose ox is gored.

Sandra had supernatural power to know if a young man would become successful in the future. So, the temptress would lure them into her evil arms and within two months, they would die.

A lot of young men had met their waterloo and subsequent death in her hands. She knew by instinct, the destiny of any young man she came in contact with.

Nay, never pray to come in contact with Sandra, because that would be instant doom and tragedy. She was a student of National University, studying Political Science.

Victor Orimola was a dashing young man who met and instantly fell in love with Sandra the very first time he set his roving eyes on the raving beauty. They lived outside the campus. It didn’t take long before Sandra packed into Victor’s apartment and they became live-in-lovers. He didn’t have the least knowledge of Sandra’s past evil deeds. He fell for her, hook, line and sinker.

There is an adage among the Yoruba that says: “Aja ti o ba ma sonu ki n gbo fere ode,” meaning, “The dog that would eventually get lost won’t hear the call or whistle of the hunter/owner.”

Victor was a final year International Relations student. Sandra’s mesmerising and hypnotising beauty befuddled the senses of the young man and he became her slave, whose impending doom and death was around the corner. He didn’t know he had bitten more than he could chew.

Victor was a tall, dark-skinned, handsome and very brilliant young, as confirmed by his past academic attainments. He had an ambition to be a diplomat or an ambassador and he worked diligently, painstakingly and assiduously to realise his dream and ambition of becoming an ambassador. The odds were in his favour until he met and fell in love with Sandra. He was the only son and child of his parents.

“Check out my skin,” Sandra cooed into Victor’s ears one cool evening as they were about making love. She continued:

“And you’ll see that there is no blemish on it. I am the queen of the Universe, no one is as beautiful as Sandra in this whole wide world. Take me to the highest level, Victor …”

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