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Rid cold feet with rug warmth



Rainy season comes with a cold. Not just in the atmosphere but also on the floor, such that makes your feet uncomfortable when you walk around your home barefoot.

Someone might argue that they would wear slippers around the home to avoid direct contact with the floor, but it might interest you to know that research has shown that walking barefooted can produce nearly instant changes in a variety of physiological measures, improve sleep, reduce pain, decrease muscle tension and lower stress.


So yes, walking around in your home barefooted is therapeutic, but how do you save your feet from cold especially during this rainy season? Your best safe will be to rug your space.

The easiest, cheapest and safest solution is a rug, because not only can a rug change the look and mood of a space but also warm your home and feet while you walk barefooted, protect your floor and reduce the noise that comes with direct contact with the floor.

So amidst the cold weather, a rug is essential for the floors, as it would help to warm your space, soften your floor and effortlessly transform your space.

What Part Of Your Home Do do You Need To Rug?
Your Livingroom – A rug can anchor your living room, define it, and add warmth. Whether it’s a total coverage rug or area rug, it would warm up the living room where you spend most of your time before going to bed. It would also add a decorative touch to your space, showcase your furniture, as well as add colour and texture to your living room.


Bedroom – A rug in your bedroom would give you a warm surface to walk on when you get out of bed. It would also add colour, texture, and personality to your bedroom.

Home Office Space – Studies have shown that the main cause of distraction at work is noise. So while working from home, other family members are most likely to be involved in other distracting activities. Hence the need to rug your home office space as it will not only make your workspace cozy but also provide soundproofing for noise coming in and out as well as absorb sound.

Why You Need A Rug At Home
• To warm up your home
Most floor types barely hold in heat during the rainy season and cold weather conditions, hereby making your underfoot uncomfortably cold. So it is safe to lay a rug over your floors during cold weather to help warm up the whole house and keep your home comfy.


Protect your floors
Beyond protecting your feet against cold and keeping your home warm, irrespective of the type of floors in your home, tie floors, hardwood floors or rubber carpeted floors, a rug can always help protect against slips, falls, stains, scuffs, and spills.

• Brighten a dark room
Lay a bright colour rug in a dark room to help brighten the look and atmosphere of the space.

• Changes your colour scheme
A rug has the ability to add or completely change the colour scheme in a room. But to achieve this, you may want to buy two different styles of rug for your space. As a matter of fact, changing the atmosphere and mood of your home can be as easy as swapping between the two rugs. You can get a thick and dark colour rug for the rainy season, and a thin light-coloured rug for summer.


• Quiet atmosphere
Need some quiet in your home? Rugs not only help absorb sound from the air, but it’s also a lot quieter to walk on rugs than any surface floor.

Types of Rug Designs
• Faux Fur Rug – It features soft velvety feeling acrylic yarns with an absolute cozy texture.

• True Oriental Rugs – They are handwoven or knotted, using wool or silk fibers and feature ornate patterns.

• Geometric Rugs – They are one of those fantastic classic décor staples that can fit anywhere with grace and ease. They liven up any space with boldness such that keeps the energy levels up in the space without compromising color choices.


• Animal Print Rugs – They are a natural fit for colorful, eclectic interiors. Even in small doses, their bold patterns command attention and keep your space cozy.

• Graphic Rug – A graphic rug is a statement piece that can create an entire world of its own, showcasing your furniture and the entire interior décor in your space. It is a work of art that adds a definite visual punch to your décor.

• Border Rugs – Border rugs are like a picture frame, they bring a table and chairs together and frame them like a picture with utmost simplicity.

• Chevron Rugs – A chevron rug is a zigzag striped rug design with a V-shaped pattern.

•Floral Rugs – Floral rugs are one of the most universal and versatile style rugs around the globe. Flowers are transformed into radiant rosettes making it a centerpiece for secondary botanical motifs.


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