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Sexually satisfied, but soul starved

By E.C, Samuel
17 September 2016   |   2:00 am
You can’t seduce a sexually satisfied married man or woman. You can’t break up a soul-tied marriage bond.


For what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul” (Matthew 16 vs 26).

“It is the spirit that quikeneth, the flesh profiteth nothing” (John 6 vs 63).

You can’t seduce a sexually satisfied married man or woman. You can’t break up a soul-tied marriage bond. There are people who are sexually compatible, but not of one soul. Everyone is looking for the same thing- to fall in love and to stay in love.

For some, the sex (or the promise of it) is what keeps the relationship going and gives love a chance to happen. For most men, if they fall in love with someone, that means sexual excitement for him.

Something keeps us together in love. When we are sexually bonded, we should be soul tied. At that deeper level, love truly satisfactory.

I suggest to women who are wives not to blame the ‘other woman.’ Play the great cook, make him a good breakfast and delicious dinners every night, make his clothes clean and pressed and keep looking smart and make him feel high with your hugs and kisses.

More so, never let him get bored with you, intellectually or intimately.

Of course, we may love our spouse, but we make them vulnerable to any other person if we do not look for how to make the sex great and the soul enriched. Some people are willing to excitements of the other person going on.

There are two parts of our lives. Our bodies needs the touch, tenderness and caress, while our soul needs relief, refreshments, knowledge, redemption, peace, joy, purity, faith, courage, virtues, etc.

Make Sex Fun
We never get bored when we are playing game. Why is games fun? It is because everything is a surprise with skills.

With charades, you have no idea what the person is going to act out. With tenuous, you don’t have a clue where your opponent is going to hit the bell.

Make sex exciting. Master your partner’s body. Think of things that will drive your partner crazy. Steal into their deepest fantasies and find a way to give it to them.

The truth again is that a man does not fall in love with and leave his wife for another woman because she is younger or prettier than his wife. It is because she is more exciting than his wife.

Millions of us get married because of sexual attraction, and when it wears off, they have nothing in common and go looking for another sexual attraction.

Learn how to turn your partner on. Don’t assume he loves you and the kids and won’t leave. Don’t think you are good in bed if she hasn’t really told you so. In fact, you need to be sure you really satisfy her and fulfill her emotional needs.

Marriage is a love job, but a little passion drives it on. When you give great pleasure to someone, the feedback is so immediate and intense that you will receive mental and emotional pleasure.

First, admire your spouse. See their sexual giftings. We all do have some special things about our body that makes us sexy. Find that out in your spouse. That is what makes you the person’s wife or husband.

Discover in him or her. What others don’t know and won’t know. Once you notice those special things, admire and enjoy it. Comment on it and use it to an advantage.

Secondly, look appealing. Smiles, neatness and sexiness are required. Seduction is honourable in marriage. Look attractive always for your spouse. Don’t assume. Give your spouse surprising appearance. Stay healthy and maintain strength reserved for that purpose of satisfying your spouse.

Very importantly, satisfy your partner. Look for ways of making your partner fully satisfied each time you are together. Make your sexual encounter deeply expressive.

More so, make love glaring when you have sex. Show care, tenderness, friendliness, play, compassion, etc. These deepen the moments.

Soul Salve
It will be totally fleshy, carnal and dangerous to go all sexy without the sanctity of the soul. The soul represents our very essence.

We describe love between two persons as one ‘soul in two bodies.’ That seems to me to be the best way to live.

I have seen men in love with a person with so much deep connection that they are afraid of even kissing. They relate at a very deep conscious level. That kind of love seems to be rare in most marriage.

People have a lot with their bodies, but so far in their hearts and soul. The Bible teaches that one can love with heart, soul, might and mind. At some level, some people only love with their bodies, but the soul is deep and unreached.

When I think about love, I wonder if we really understand oneness. It is at that oneness that the soul feels whole. The sense of completeness is what we find in relationship that connects deeper than the body. It is more than enticing words; it is virtue of trust, hope, courage, patience, gratitude, forgiveness and submission.

That was what God meant when He said that a man needed a ‘help meet.’ It was at a soul plane, a point of deep admiration and affection and revelation. People can forge their bodies to tangle, but only the one who made the heart can unite the soul. That is what God joins together.

Let us strip ourselves of all these games and be honest, ‘naked and not ashamed.’ You can have a person’s body without the heart. But you can have both.

-E.C, Samuel (08027173447,

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