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‘Through AIT Music+, we tell true African stories’


Chairman, DAAR Communications, owners of AIT & RayPower

Mursty Adinoyi is the producer and presenter of the award-winning entertainment programme, Hitlist N Cruzin on AIT. In this interview with CHUKS NWANNE, he spoke on his experience on the show, which aims at showcasing Nigeria and Africa to the world.

What’s the update on your production outfit, how far have you gone with the TV show?

Well, it’s been an amazing experience for us at Emrose Adinoyi Productions. Right now, we have a great and wonderful production, which is in conjunction with Africa Independent Television (AIT); it’s called AIT Music+.

We call it world class because it’s not just viewed in Nigeria; it’s as well shows in Europe. We air in Nigeria 2pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and then on AIT International, it’s 4.30pm to 5.30pm daily Monday to Friday.

So, even if you’re in Europe, you have the opportunity of watching the show everyday.

Besides showing outside the country, what actually makes the show an international production?

It’s not just because it’s showing in Europe, it’s actually about the quality of what we’re giving to viewers. Look at the standard, you’ll believe me that it’s the best thing to happen to Africa; it’s the best right now in Nigeria representing Africa in Europe. So, the quality is what stands it out.

We are producing on high definition, so that’s means we use the best of camera, the best of equipment you can get anywhere in the world.

And then, look at the quality of what we’re doing and then again, it’s of course international if you produce in Lagos, Nigeria, Africa and it’s being viewed on AIT Network, which is the best when it comes to entertainment in Nigeria as well as in Europe, then of course, it’s an international production.

Do you have statistics to show your viewership claim, especially outside the country?

Wellm, the programme started in December 2017, and already, it’s gaining momentum seriously; you don’t get advert placement on your shoe unless you have eyeballs.

So, if you have a programme that started in the second week of December and already started having adverts from the second edition, that tells you that immediately we aired the programme, viewership starts increasing.

I must tell you that it’s already a must-watch belt right now; you can check it out.

What’s unique about its content? What’s different from other shows around?

You see, the whole thing about entertainment industry in Nigeria becomes what it is today because of AIT; that’s where everything started from.

Now, for a long time, every other person is doing that; everybody is doing entertainment.

But we have to redefine who we are as Africans and so, the best way to do it is the way we’re doing it right now. When you watch AIT Music+, there’s so much to gain out of it; you’ll understand that the culture is there, the beauty of Africa is there.

It’s not just about the videos we play, we have little breakers that as time goes on, we’ll keep on introducing them gradually to show the beauty of Africa.

We shouldn’t wait for people to tell us about Africa all the time; it’s time for Africa to tell her story. Like I said, entertainment became what it is now of AIT.

Today, look at the chain reaction; look at stars that Nigeria has produced.

Now, another platform is here and it’s called AIT Music+, which we are taking to another level. We have to maintain the development brought about by AIT by creating a programme that will do more in promoting African music to the international world.

We might play foreign videos because we just want our viewers to be in tune on what’s happening across the world, but in all, what we’re actually looking at is to be able to project what we have.

If we keep on telling ourselves that we’re the best, we keep on telling ourselves the good story of who we are as Africans, believe you me, before you know it, people will now start thinking of how we can actually do it well and become the best as Africans.

Today, our music is being accepted all over the world. If you’re a musician, I think the best place to be is AIT Music+.

You said AIT Music+ is out to help people grow, how do you intend to achieve that?

Right here, we don’t take money to play music videos; as far as your video is good, we’ll play it and nobody will ask you for one naira. That’s number one. Secondly, we have Projects AIT Music+ that’s coming later.

In there, you, you will see a lot of things that we plan to do.

We’ll also have campus shows in the sense that we’ll organise shows for NYSC camps in major cities in Nigeria every year, which is of course helping to develop our education, as well as teaching the youth the importance of education.

Even if you are a carpenter, we’ll talk to you that, ‘look, do not just depend on what your master taught you about carpentry.

Design more, do more creativity, and if you can achieve that, look at the level you’ll go.’ We can gather about 15 carpenters or furniture makers and ask them to design something about Africa.

Whoever wins, will take the big prize; that’s the angle we are taking. We will not air it only in Nigeria; it will show in Europe as well.

What has been your experience running this project?

It wasn’t so easy; nothing comes easy. You need a lot of thinking, concentration and prayer. I am blessed to be with the team that I have, who understand me.

When I talk to them that, ‘look, this is where I want us to go,’ my editor is a very creative mind, my producers are very creative guys; all I do is to say, ‘let’s go this way, do that, do that,’ and they get it done.

But even at that, it was not an easy thing because we need to as well put it on the table that we are producing this content exclusively for AIT consumption alone.

Why, because I’m a product of that TV station, and again, that station started it all; it’s the first station that started 24-hour broadcast.

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