Sunday, 2nd October 2022
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Don Crucifixto harps on collaboration, delight fans with Lele Latrice in ‘Super Woman’

By Guardian Nigeria
05 September 2022   |   2:57 am
Collaboration helps individuals showcase their talent to others, and also make them more comfortable sharing their art

Collaboration helps individuals showcase their talent to others, and also make them more comfortable sharing their art.

Through music collaborations – having other artistes feature on their record offering or featuring in other artiste body of work, artistes are able to mix their audiences. 

Beyond conveying activity and engagement, the audience,  through collaboration get to see that their artiste isn’t just hidden away inside some tower, creating music alone in a studio. This approach will help give you a more well-rounded sense of what’s working and what isn’t.

Against this backdrop, top rated entertainment label, Don Crucifixto, teamed up with singer and songwriter, Lele Latrice to make an irresistible force, as both parties recently released their magically created super dope record titled ‘Super Woman’.

The new single, which was release on September 2, once again brings to fore Don Crucifixto countless successful endeavours in the entertainment industry, from movie production to talent management, impactful events, talk of the town parties, empowerment and charity initiativea across African continent.

The message on the song  wouldn’t have been best delivered by anyone else other but the uber-talented Lele Latrice, an accomplished dancer, choreographer, singer, and all-round entertainer, as she in the song expressed what she’s made of.

Don Crucifixto and the super talented mother through the new offering, made hit record for all seasons with no compulsory manual of how to enjoy it other than setting one’s mind free and flowing with the sonorous rhythm.

It is never enough to tell a woman she is beautifully made, Super Woman, joins the tireless catalogue of anthems made for women all over the world to take pride in their amazing being.

Speaking on the need for collaboration, Don Crucifixto said, “Collaboration is good because it help artistes work harmoniously, bringing together creative voices of multiple equal partners who share a common vision and mission to create something that is bigger than the sum of its parts.”

He noted that beyond creating greater recognition, collaboratiing with other artistes, effectively link the artiste fanbases together. “It helps develop and bring more complete vision, better musicianship, networking opportunities and more sales,” Don Crucifixto added.