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Guide to the 8 Best Sports Betting Sites in Nigeria for 2022

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27 April 2022   |   5:32 am
It's exciting to see some of the most accomplished sportsbooks extend their online service to Nigeria. The average Nigerian bettor is in the privileged position to have access to world-class online betting platforms from the confines of their home. If you are on the lookout for a great online bookmaker, this extensive overview might just…

It’s exciting to see some of the most accomplished sportsbooks extend their online service to Nigeria. The average Nigerian bettor is in the privileged position to have access to world-class online betting platforms from the confines of their home. If you are on the lookout for a great online bookmaker, this extensive overview might just prove invaluable. Read about the sports betting sites in Nigeria, consider their bonus offers, and decide whether to sign up or leave it for another time.

Best Sports Betting Sites in Nigeria – A Closer Look at Our Top 8
People searching for a quality betting site in Nigeria have a lot going for them. Firstly, there are many classy operators with great web platforms that also support betting in real-time (in play). Above all, all the top operators we will talk about here are law-abiding and internationally recognised.

Check out the betting bonuses below. They are a great addition to the bankroll of every new handicapper. Below, you can see a few of the best signup bonuses and other details about the best online bookmakers in Nigeria. If you are legally allowed to wager, have a look at the best betting sites in Nigeria as reported by

NG Betting Site Betting Bonus Sports Markets Rating Quick Link
🥇 22bet 100% up to  46 5.0/5 Visit Site
Welcome Bonus
🥈 Bwin 100% up to  35 4.9/5 Visit Site
Deposit Bonus
🥉 Unibet Up to 34 4.7/5 Visit Site
Money Back
🏅 Bethard 100% up to  21 4.6/5 Visit Site
Deposit Bonus
🏅 Ladbrokes Bet €5  39 4.6/5 Visit Site
Get €20
Welcome Bonus
🏅 bet365 Up to  42 4.6/5 Visit Site
In Bet Credits
🏅 888sport Bet $10 Get 27 4.6/5 Visit Site
Welcome Bonus
🏅 Betway  100% up to 31 4.6/5 Visit Site
Welcome Bonus


These are nothing more, nothing less than the top sites offering sports betting in Nigeria. With them, your wagers are in safe hands and your winnings are paid quickly and securely. We will shed light on the key things you should know about these bookmakers, revealing details about the sports markets and other features in the process.

Key Features of the Best-Rated Online Betting Sites in Nigeria
The typical online betting Nigerians can experience consists of several components, all of which crucial for the overall satisfaction of bettors. The best sites for online betting in Nigeria always try their hardest to give their clients the freedom to place sports wagers however they like.

To elevate the user experience, the top operators integrate features into their web platforms such as live betting, cash out, and live streams. That empowers users with the ability to spectate live games, hedge bets, and remain proactive if that’s what they want. Here’s more on the key betting features in Nigeria.

Wagering Markets
Many beginner bettors would be perfectly content to pick a betting site in Nigeria for the opportunity to wager on the sports they like, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The fact of the matter is that not all bookies can offer you the same variety of sports markets. That makes it necessary to look at it with a critical eye and see which ones do a good enough job. We do that all the time and can even give you the exact count for each of the top eight websites for sports betting in Nigeria. Here are some of the most popular sports among Nigerian bettors:

  • Football
  • eSports
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Virtual Sports
  • Baseball
  • Handball

eSports and virtual sports are in a league of their own. They are something that came to the online betting world at a later stage and now is a permanent feature of most licensed sports betting sites. Virtual sports run around the clock because they are computer simulations and not real-life events, so this can be alluring to someone who wants to wager every day.
E-Sports are like every other organised competition, but you have professional gamers competing instead of athletes. This betting market but one that is gaining a huge following. So much so that e-Sports can now be found in a separate section.

Betting Odds
Every online bookmaker on the Nigerian market has its own view of how good the betting odds should be. The odds prices are in direct correlation with the payout rates of Nigeria’s bookies. The best way to look at it is when the odds prices are in decimal form because they act as a multiplier of the stake the bettor commits. So, the higher that multiplier, the bigger the potential win will be. You will also notice that the odds prices are not the same between the different sports markets.

A simple explanation of that could be the number of outcomes dictated by the rules of the sport. Let’s take football and pool games as an example. There’s no tie in snooker, so the match can go only one of two ways, making it more likely that the eventual winner will be the favourite.

That explains why football odds stand you in good stead most of the time, whereas it’s almost impossible to make a profit off, let’s say, tennis bets. However, the best sports betting sites in Nigeria are called to strike a balance between the odds prices of their sports markets and are not doing a bad job in that regard.

Sports Betting Bonus for Nigerians
Becoming a member of a top betting site in Nigeria usually entitles you to a welcome bonus. After meeting certain requirements, the new bettor receives their reward and can proceed with using it accordingly. You should also know how the known types of betting bonuses work in order to use them the correct way. Here is more information on the bonuses of Nigeria’s best betting sites.

Popular Sports Betting Bonuses in Nigeria
💸 Free Bet The term ‘free bet’ explains almost to a tee what this kind of bonus is about. The only detail it doesn’t tell you is that free bets are afforded to those players who have earned that right. Depending on the conditions of the offer, the recipient might be required to make a deposit, opt for a promotion, or achieve a certain status.  
💰 Matched Deposit The most popular type of welcome bonus for new clients, the deposit match, is something first-time depositors unlock when they fund their account for the first time. You have to be careful because a sports betting site in Nigeria can match a first deposit only partially and not in full. 
💲 Money Back Money-back is a promotion more often than not, but it can be a welcome bonus as well. If the latter is true, that will mean your first bet is refunded if it loses. If it wins, you don’t get anything extra. Those rules are not set in stone as every bookie puts its own spin on them. 
🤑 Bet Credits Bet credits are non-withdrawable funds you can wager. Any profit made in the process may or may not be subject to additional wagering requirements. We advise you to read the terms of your offer with caution so as to not miss something that can be a stumbling stone at a later stage. 

Live Betting Section
In the nascent stages of online betting, it was wild to even think about placing wagers in play, but that is no longer the case. Presently, bettors from Nigeria are ever-so fond of the opportunity given to them by the bookies with in-play sections. It’s no small number of bookmakers that offer that feature. On the contrary, many operators accept wagers made while the match they concern is underway.

If you are not all too familiar with how in-play works, maybe explaining how the odds prices are formed will be the right place to start. As always, the odds will change depending on what course of action the match follows. You can wager with smaller margins but higher certainty that your bets will be successful. That’s why the users of the best sports betting sites in Nigeria love to spend time in the in-play section.

Cash Out a Bet
For a long time, bettors wanted to have the ability to hedge their bets, much like with a financial investment. The sports betting sites of today have something called ‘cash out’. It is only available on selected markets, which will be marked with a ‘cash out’ icon of some sort.

What this does for you is give you control over the wager from start to finish. If you are content with how much the payout total is, you can settle your wager and take the money. Only clients of the best betting sites in Nigeria have the perquisite to benefit from early cashouts.

Sports Live Streams
Every true sports fan has been hard-pressed to find an online stream where to watch the big game, no matter what the sport may be. Well, the top betting sites in Nigeria are now here to take care of that. Most of the meets available for live betting are streamed live so that active bettors can watch and do their thing at the same time. Here is how to access a live sports stream:

  • Find the betting market for the fixture
  • Check if it has the ‘play button’ icon, meaning that a live feed will be available.
  • Tune in when the match has started.
  • If asked to, place a wager

Custom Wagers
This has been a landmark feature of the best betting sites Nigeria currently offers. It goes by many names, but in essence, this is about putting together a proposition wager singlehandedly and asking the operator to give you a price. Basically, this way of betting has a lot of utility if you have a knack for the more complex types of wagers.

So, for example, you could ask a bookie that has this kind of service to give you a price for Liverpool’s Sadio Mane scoring in the first ten minutes from outside the penalty box. If the wager is well-received, it might be made public for others to see and take advantage of.

How to Register at the Best Nigerian Betting Sites
Much like with every online registration, the player will need to leave their name and contact information as a start. Make sure you are at least 18 or else you won’t be allowed in.

As a second step, the player should log in with the newly set login email and password.

Once you are logged in, you can put money into your account by one of the approved payment methods and start shopping for good bets to take. Navigate to the sport of interest and reveal the available betting lines using the dropdown menu. If something catches your eye, stake a wager and confirm it.

Comparing the Payout Rates Offered
No matter how you put it, it won’t change the fact the betting sites in Nigeria are a business that tries to stay profitable. So, what they do is set what we call a ‘payout rate’ that gives a bookmaker a slight edge over the bettor in that they are paying a little less for winning bets than they should. There is the possibility that a flat fee might exist, so please check the term of use.

Now, about the payout rates, we can say that they reflect the odds levels of a sports betting site. Higher payout rates mean better odds. This is our estimation of the payout rates of the top betting sites in Nigeria.

No matter how you put it, at the end of the day, it all comes down to the odds prices with the best sports betting sites Nigeria. They determine how much you are playing for and that is, in turn, depicted in the average payout rate of a sportsbook. Picking the betting site in Nigeria with the highest payouts would be the natural thing to do, but please also take into consideration the other things we talked about.

NG Betting Site Payout Rate
Bwin 94.83%
bet365 94.25%
888sport 94.23%
NetBet 94.09%
Betway  93.75%
Unibet 93.68%
22bet 93.25%
Bethard 92.55%
Ladbrokes 92.55%

We need to add one more thing. If a live betting site is approved by the Lagos State Lotteries Board you can be certain it has been tested according to the requirements of the Nigerian jurisdiction and market. It would also mean that you can expect fairly good payout rates.

Best Football Betting Sites in Nigeria
We can’t talk about betting site Nigeria without mentioning how hugely popular football is in the country. Quite naturally, a big part of the bettors is genuinely intrigued by the football betting markets available to Nigerians, and so are we. This is a good place to add that following the football news in Nigeria seems like a good idea if you want to stay on top of your game. Here is more information on the best NG football betting websites.

NG Betting Site Top Football Markets Free Football Bets for New Users Rating Quick Link
🥇 Ladbrokes Championship Yes 5.0/5 Visit Site
Premier League 
Italian Serie A
🥈  Bwin UEFA Champions League No 4.9/5 Visit Site
UEFA Europa League
UEFA Nations League
🥉 888sport La Liga Yes 4.8/5 Visit Site
Ligue 1
UEFA Champions League
🏅 Unibet German Bundesliga No 4.7/5 Visit Site
Spanish La Liga
Barclays Premier League
🏅 Betway Premier League No 4.6/5 Visit Site
Premier Soccer League

For the fans of Premier League football, it would be important to note that one of the operators is sponsoring West Ham United, which has been going from strength to strength in the competition for the title. By and large, all reputable online sportsbooks place emphasis on Premier League football odds.

Frequently Asked Questions
If you are committed to creating an account at a betting site in Nigeria, you will need all the information you can find on the topic. Here you can browse the most asked questions about the top betting sites in Nigeria. For additional information, there will be a quick link in each answer.

Which are the best sports betting sites in Nigeria?
It’s a selection of really good online sportsbooks than just one peerless company. Nigeria’s best sports betting websites bear every sign of great online gambling platforms. Not only do they accept Nigerians, but they also hand out fringe benefits to their most loyal of members.

Are betting sites legal in Nigeria?
A legal Nigerian betting site is one that holds a licence from the Lagos State Lotteries Board. Truth be told some international domains also lay betting odds for Nigerians, which apparently sits right with the current gambling laws in the country.

Can I cash out a bet from Nigeria?
Yes, there are Nigerian sportsbooks with cash out, which you can access if you are 18 or above. It’s not that hard to cash out an active wager, but bear in mind that the feature is available only on pre-selected meets. Remember to check if partial and automated cash outs are available.

Can I bet on football form Nigeria?
You will be able to as long as you do it at one of the licensed football betting sites in Nigeria. This takes some of the risk away and grants you access to a range of football bets spread across a number of leagues and grand events.

Is live betting allowed in Nigeria?
Yes, there are some Nigerian live betting sites you can join from the country. The best online sportsbooks allow live wagers to be placed on a variety of popular sports and not just football. You just need to go to the live betting section to survey the meets currently in play.