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Are you in the number?



Text: Matthew 22:14

The above question is solemn and calls for a sober reflection. Undoubtedly, the question cannot be answered on behalf of anybody; neither can it be answered in a hurry. Rather, it demands a conscious and cautious personal assessment before any answer is proffered. To buttress the import of the question and to further personalise it, the Lord is actually asking you: are you among the number? Or simply put, am I among those saved by grace and washed in the blood of the Lamb? Are you sure you are truly saved and separated from the world?


While you reminiscence and ponder on the above, it is expedient to know that people who will be in the number are not those who make up the church attendance, whose names are conspicuously written in church’s register. I suppose it won’t be a shock to anybody to learn that tithes and offering cannot be a yardstick for heavenly number; neither will punctuality and regular attendance to Sunday and weekly services be of any avail in this regard.

Obviously, those who will make up the number are the born again children of God, whose sins have been forgiven. Repentance from all sins and acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and personal Saviour, with full assurance of salvation, is the gateway and prerequisite to being among this number. Being in the number is the antidote to God’s wrath and going to hell fire.

To enlist in this number, ungodliness of all sorts must be denied in its entirety. There must be a conscious effort to separate oneself from the world. Any trace of unequal yoke with unbelievers can dent the garment of godliness that transports to heaven. Ungodly talks and discussions of all kinds that do not minister grace to the hearers, must be avoided; foolish talks and jests, which are the order of the day, should be jettisoned, for “In the multitude of words there wanteth not sin…” (Prov.10:19).


Those in the number are sober people, who think the thoughts of God and heaven. They are not frivolous, but serious-minded and focused in the cause of the Kingdom. They are righteous and have a right standing before God and men. Transparency and holiness is their hallmark. In other words, they have no secret up their sleeves. They are always conscious that they bear the image of God and are representatives of God. Therefore, anyone whose character run contrary to the attributes painted above, with suspicious and questionable life, cannot claim to be in the number. Otherwise, such claim will amount to self-deceit and mere illusion!

For instance, the disciples of Jesus Christ proved their worth to be in the number in Antioch. They lived like Christ and were mindful of the fact that they were strangers on earth. Unlike some Christians, who live in carelessness with reckless abandon and do not care what happens to their souls afterwards.

Christians who are in the number are heavily burdened with the sins of the world. They burn with unquenchable passion for sinners. They are ready to reconcile the world to Jesus Christ and can go extra mile for this course, notwithstanding the cost. They do not value their lives, when it comes to saving lost souls and bringing them to Christ. Those who are in the number are not moved by prosperity of the wicked, whose riches will soon be consumed by the Lord’s devouring fire.


Believers who are in the number understand the mystery of the Kingdom. This informs the reason they handle the things of this world with a loose hand, because they know the world is ‘empty’ and that nobody ever leaves this world with the wealth he/she amassed.

Proper examination of your life to ascertain whether you are in the number is very important at this point. Look inward and take inventory of your life. Do not live in fool’s paradise! Be sure you are not already lost in the crowd. Be sure you are in the number.

Carefully retrace your steps, if you have been weighed and found wanting in God’s balances. Today is a day of grace and acceptance. Jesus Christ is widely spreading His hands beckoning that you come. Do not neglect/refuse this invitation! Come and be saved.
For further reading: Matt. 13:47; Jn. 10:14; Titus 2:11; Matt.12: 36; Acts 11:26; Jn.17: 14; Rev.20: 10,15.

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