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Exhibit good character


Character is everything! As Christians, we have the spirit of Christ. It’s so crucial for us to be aware of this reality.

When at home, market place, office, school and on the street, do you suddenly forget your identity as a Christian and begin to act and talk like the rest of the world? You have been called to make a difference.

God has placed you as an example and a shining light in the world, never forget that. There are two kinds of people, those adding to you and those reducing you. (Minus-people and a plus-people) A minus person has a critical spirit.


For instance, he would always criticise you when you are making progress. He’s a faultfinder. And instead of appreciating the new ideas you have brought, he/she would rather choose to be critical about them. Run far away from such individuals, they could kill your dreams.

Friendship is not by force; it’s a matter of choice. Instead of being critical about a matter, choose to be involved and add fresh ideas to what they are doing and make it better. A plus person is always thinking about increase and development. He’s the type of person who’s always looking out for someone to aid. He’s always doing something new and different for people, and the advancement of the kingdom of God tops his priorities. That’s unlike the minus fellow, who’s ever in a hurry and wouldn’t see the need around him. The man that’s a plus has an excellent spirit.

The Bible called Daniel a man with an excellent spirit, and because of this, he was preferred above the presidents and princes. “The King planned to set him over the whole kingdom” (Daniel 6:3). He became a leader of leaders. A man/woman who is a plus will always excel above his/her colleagues and would certainly have critics. All the other leaders plotted against Daniel because they were all minuses. Instead of channeling their time, skill and strength into doing outstanding things for their kingdom, they busied themselves with plotting to eliminate a man that meant them no harm. That’s how minus people are, they are spiritually myopic!

Don’t let anyone talk you down, talk your way up and shout your way to victory. If you are born again, you are a plus in your home, office and wherever you find yourself, “where you are, you are to influence your sphere of contact with divine presence and ability that you carry. You are filled with God’s treasure. So, let it out; let the world benefit from the deposit in you. WHY? It is because God has multiplied you and you are not working with your ability, you are working with His ability.

Those that come in contact with you should leave your presence refreshed in their spirits. You should be an investor in humanity. Don’t forget that reaching people is God’s priority and that’s what you are living for. Refuse to be negatively programmed, instead, always train yourself to see people positively.

Dr. Charles M. Godwin
City of Laughter
(Gathering of Champions)
3, Toyin Street, Ikeja
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