Saturday, 27th November 2021
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Marriage enrichment – Part 1

By Ayo Daniels
21 November 2021   |   3:22 am
Marriage is like a garden that must be carefully tendered to get maximum expected yield, in terms of the expression of love, communication, sex, and money matters by the couple.

Ayo Daniels

Marriage is like a garden that must be carefully tendered to get maximum expected yield, in terms of the expression of love, communication, sex, and money matters by the couple. Marriages are unique to the individuals involved. Marriage enrichment sessions are means of improving marital relations between spouses. It is a time set aside by couples to evaluate the state of their marriages, not necessarily because they have burning issues or point of differences. It can just be a time out for close assessment and to make decisions about actions that will enhance the health of their relationship, so that their marriage can assume a thriving upward growth.

Marriage enrichment sessions are designed as a primary intervention for human relationships when engaged by couples. This concept began in an organised way by David and Vera Mace in the mid-twentieth century, and the objectives were basically to promote mutual commitment to growth in marital relationships, while agreeing on communication styles. These include talking and listening narratives, using conflicts in creative ways to strengthen marital relationship, sharing feelings and maintaining a desire for intimacy, while utilising a variety of positive interaction skills.

Marriage enrichment engagements take place when couples deemed their marriage of primary importance, so they are intentional about and choose to do something about it. Couples who commit to marriage enrichment sessions, practise quality interactive skills with each other privately or in the presence of other caring couples, tend to have more successful marriages. Such practices enhance marital success and promote potentials for behavioral change. Couples can in a group process, help other couples in their unique marriages. A sense of safety is developed, when the grouped couples have a mutual commitment to grow. Each individual couple in the group begins to recognise their issues are common to others.

Marriage enrichment uses multiple techniques to provide opportunities for growth. The focus of most enrichment events is each couple’s marriage. Given the approach’s effectiveness, the facilitator helps couples to apply the material provided via experiential learning techniques. One such technique is the “couple dialogue”, where one spouse turns to the other and talks about their relationship while other couples in the group listen. This exercise provides a very different dynamic from a typical group discussion. It also encourages the couple to affirm good communication skills. Marriage enrichment is dependent on peer relationship in a supportive environment.

A married couple usually provides the leadership for the enrichment programmes, they are usually adequately trained as leader-couple and they serve as facilitators to participants. The leader-couple’s vulnerability encourages openness for the other couples. This couple’s openness to other couples through the means of couple dialogue is the most disarming and effective tool for growth offered in marriage enrichment. The dialogue and interaction are authentic and powerful to strengthen other marriages. Sharing to help others is voluntary. No individual or couple is forced to share, nor take turns against their will. Each spouse speaks for self, which illustrates equal partnership in the marriage. If you like to experience these descriptions soon, kindly reach me on +234-803-245-9663 for details. Marriage enrichment programmes are highly recommended for married couples, just like annual family health checks are.
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