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Mercy triumphs over judgment


Korede John Aderounmu

James 2:13, “For judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment.”

Mercy means leniency and compassion shown toward offenders by a person or agency charged with administering justice.

Mercy means giving you what you do not deserve. Mercy means unmerited favour, an act of kindness or compassion.


Mercy boasts that God’s mercy is more powerful than judgment. Anyone can condemn or judge; no one has the right to mercy, yet mercy triumphs over judgment.

Mercy triumphs over judgment because it promotes reconciliation and closeness between God and man. That is why we need to remember that there is only one lawgiver and judge and that is God.

Only He knows how to judge correctly and administer justice, mercy and faithfulness in the right measure.

Brethren what are the judgments devil has passed on you. Many people are facing problems and challenges due to the judgment devil has passed on them. Judgment can be inform of a curse or warfare with kingdom of darkness.

Judgment can affect one’s destiny, glory, life, which causes delay, affliction, stagnation and various problems.

Ways to attract judgment include:

• Sin: Sin poisons, corrupts and brings decay, destruction, abuse, terror, fear, war, suffering, pain and death into God’s beautiful world.

Mercy of God triumphs over the judgment of the evil one. Christ’s followers are no longer bound by Satan’s lies or the chains of darkness.


Eph 5:6 says: “Sin and evil no longer have a hold of us”. Judgment can come through sin but mercy if God will set free.

• God’s General: A person chosen by God to work for him. To destroy the works of the darkness, to deliver people from the kingdom of darkness, to deliver people through the power of God are always prompt to devil’s attack. Devil always judge people like this in other to condemn them.

• A perfect life is endanger to devil’s judgment. If your life is good and everything seems so well for you, judgment can rise at any point in time.

• A glorious destiny: Devil target glory carriers to judge them in other to destroy the good things in them. He passes judgement to avert God’s will for their life. Be conscious of yourself and always claim mercy.

• Family curse: Generational curse is another way to judgement. What the family has done in the past, the mistakes of the family which create household battle. It brings in judgement which only mercy can stop.

• Evil covenant is also a source of judgements. It creates evil judgement which is deadly to the soul. God’s mercy can destroy it.

Brethren note that there are some judgments that when passed could causes greater problems and make things difficult.

The more you pray, the more the problem expands. The more you pray, the greater the warfare and challenges.

This is an evil judgment. God’s mercy is great, don’t lose hope, be steadfast, He will surely show mercy. When mercy speaks, warfare ends, work out for good. Believe in God and His mercy will surely prevail.

I pray that God’s mercy will triumph over every judgment that has been passed unto us. Amen!

• Pastor Korede Aderounmu (08034227872); Christ Liberty World Evangelical Ministry; 56 Falohun street, Orile iganmu Lagos State.

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