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Multitude: Waiting for the move


Abimbola A. Ogundare

The present world is terribly sick; only divine approach can ensure her healing. Have you listened to the news recently; nothing encouraging is forthcoming. Indeed, things are moving in the opposite. Just like the situation at the pool of Bethesda, the world have multitude of sick people; disabled and impotent folks – the blind, lame, paralyzed. They are not just physically sick but are spiritually, morally, psychologically and emotionally sick. Moral and attitude decadence is on the high side. In fact, the church is not exempted in the recent palaver. However, the multitudes are waiting in hope for something external that can change their unpleasant situation. Hence, the situation of the world is not the sickness but men of substance that will bring healing waves.

• Behold the Movers (John 5: 3b – 4)
The movers are the world changers. They have the capacity to move the water for healing virtue to flow. Multitudes of invalid people are always waiting for the movers to move the water for the unusual. Just an angel has what it takes to move the water once in a year. Among men, they are who stands regularly before God; they operate the principle of “ascending and descending” to offer God’s solution to the problem of man. But alas, such movers are vanishing from the face of the earth. What a doom to our world!

• Behold: No Man (John 5: 6 – 7)
Who then shall go for us? Who will be the angel of our time? The thirty-eight years bed ridden man confessed; “I have no man.” The problem is not the sickness but, no one was available that can bring changes to his situation. The present challenge facing the world is that movers are fading away. No vessel is available to be a blessing to this sick generation. The church today is not available to offer a permanent solution to the longtime problem. One will be wondering, what about countless ministers and Christians around the world. It is obvious that many of us are not men enough to be the solution the world is seeking. We might be boys and not men. The truth is; we have no man!

I write to you dear reader with a bleeding heart; challenging you to make yourself available for God as that angel that offers solution the world is eagerly waiting for.
Rev’d. Abimbola Ogundare, Pastor, Peaceway Baptist Church, Ikotun
12/14 Audu Street, Governor Road, Ikotun, Lagos.


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