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The veil of the wicked – Part 3

By John Okene
13 December 2020   |   4:13 am
From our Bible text in Isa. 25:7, we see that it is possible to have a veil covering a large number of people and even a whole nation, but God says He will destroy it, if only they come to the mountain.


Text: Isaiah 25:7
From our Bible text in Isa. 25:7, we see that it is possible to have a veil covering a large number of people and even a whole nation, but God says He will destroy it, if only they come to the mountain. Mountain here refers not just to a physical or geographical location, but a dimension you attain in the spirit. Psa. 24:3-4 says it takes only those with clean hands and a pure heart and who live righteously to ascend that mountain of the Lord. It is called Mount Zion according to Obadiah 1:17 and it is God’s dwelling place. There, three things happen to you: first, you will get your deliverance and then live a holy life without struggle. A lot of people are struggling with their character today and how to live holy because there is a spirit behind it. They cannot come out of it without deliverance. The third thing is that you can then possess your possessions, which the enemies have taken from you and the veil used to cover your destiny will be destroyed.

We have considered previously the different types of veil and it is important that we know why the enemy wants to cover a man with veil. The first purpose is to cover the glory of men. When Moses came down from the Mountain in Ex 34:29-30, he encountered God’s glory and began to shine so much that the people could not look at him. He was a reflection of God and had to cover his face with a veil. Similarly, there are people, today, who carry so much glory that men can’t stand them and so want to cover their star from shinning. Many are ordained to be great with great potentials, but the evil powers of their father’s house, who have seen their star, covered them. This is why they are not living up to their potentials, in spite of the prophecies spoken about them. I decree, every evil veil over your life may it catch fire in Jesus name. Some persons can stand as a veil preventing others from shinning, as we see in Isa. 6:1. Isaiah was looking for the manifestation of God’s glory, but King Uzziah acted as a veil covering his ministry from being revealed. The second reason the enemy wants to cover a man with a veil is to keep them spiritually stranded. They cover the eyes of men, so they can’t see beyond the physical realm, living like a blind bat. Note that so many things that happen in the physical realm have already been settled in the spiritual realm, and a lot of people have, by their hands, destroyed the beautiful things God has set before them, simply because they were visually veiled.

If only we can see the protection God daily puts around us, we will not live in fear as we see in 2 Kg. 6:16-17. The enemies can cover your eyes from the beautiful things God has in stock for you, thereby causing you to complain. May God open and anoint your eyes to see like Elisha in Jesus name. As a child of God, it is important that you receive the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him (Eph. 1:17). When Paul encountered God, the scales over his eyes fell off and his eyes became open. The third thing we see about the veil is that it can be used to cover the mind of a man from the truth. 2 Cor. 4:4 says that the God of this world has blinded the mind of men, so their light won’t shine and they can’t know the truth.

There are some persons who lie so much and even live in their own lies. This is abnormal. The devil has given them a mind to think in their own pattern, which is different from others. You need to break the cast, so they can be set free from that limitation. 2 Cor. 3:14-15 says their minds have been blinded by the same veil, even when the scripture is being read. Nevertheless, when they turn to the Lord, it shall be taken away. As you turn to God today, every veil that has limited you or kept you in bondage and poverty shall be taken away in Jesus name.

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