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When all is gone – Part 2


In the first part, Saul the son of Kish ran out of ideas, strategies and supplies in a bid to salvage the current situation. The situation compelled Saul and his servant to seek a new approach; a divine guidance from the man of God. We recommend you to turn to Jesus, when all else fail. In continuation, the man, popularly regarded as “prodigal son” by men, ran out of resources (given by the Father). At that time, a terrible famine swept over the land and he wasn’t spared. He attempted some options before hitting on the right decision. May the Lord help you this season to make the right choice for your lifting. Amen

• Option GIC (Glued to Influential Citizens) vs.14 – 16
When all is gone, amidst several options, the man settled for human connections. Perhaps, he knew several influential citizens, when resources were still very much available. He forced his way back to them for sustenance. At that point, he humbled himself to take any available contract or job, either on temporary or permanent basis. But it failed. He was treated as a slave, no convincing salary to take care of his basic needs. He attempted feeding on carob pods meant for pigs, but was forbidden. I saw the folly of men displayed in recent times. Some individuals and organisations gave support to the government to fight COVID-19, only to ensure returns when all is gone. Dear reader, don’t opt for that.

• Option RH (Return Home) vs.17 – 21
When all was gone and things fell apart, this same man surnamed prodigal, changed his decision. He thought of his rich background and abundance in his father’s house. He resorted to home return, and to his father he returned. In this global pandemic situation, when things are not yielding the desired result, the option to return to the source – the Father, is the bravest option. Let us return to God and seek Him sincerely, when He may be found. He will receive us back home.

• Option RB (Reserved Best) vs.22 – 23
The option to return home paid off. The man saw the matchless love of the father. He experienced acceptance and honour. He was also in awe, when he discovered that the father’s best resources were reserved in the house. Need to iterate that the best is still reserved till now. We haven’t seen the best of God yet. The Father reserved wonderful provisions for us till now: the fattest cow, the best robe, the best job, the best spouse and the best supplies. Let us return to Him, and we will access the best.

Rev Abimbola Ogundare, Pastor, Peaceway Baptist Church, Ikotun, 12/14, Audu Street, Governor Road, Ikotun, Lagos State.


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