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The grandfather’s bill



Text: Lam. 5:7-16, Exo. 20:4-5
These is a restaurant in France with an inscription “Foods and Drinks for free!” Why? Your father has paid for it! Please, when leaving, pay for your children. What this simply implies is that the foods and drinks there have already been paid for by your fathers. When you are done eating, pay for your children. To some, what their grandfathers ate, they are being demanded to pay for it. If your grandfather sowed the wrong seed, it is imperative for you to reap it, if nothing is done against it. In Exo. 20:4-5, God told the Israelites that the sins their fathers committed will be transferred to the children, even to the fourth generation.

In the medical field, we are made to understand genetic makeup, where traits, ailments etc. are transferred from parents to children. In the same vein, spiritual genetic makeup aids the transfer of blessings, curses etc. from one generation to another. Some families experience marital turbulence, delay in child bearing etc. by reason of the spiritual genetic transfer.

Let’s take a look at some negative traits that were evident in Abraham’s lineage. Abraham’s father’s name was Terah and it means delay. This satanic gene transfer of delay also made Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’s wife Rachael to suffer delay in child bearing. Also, the satanic gene of deception was transferred from Abraham to his children. In Gen. 12, Abraham lied to Pharaoh. In Gen. 20, he also lied to King Abimelech that Sarah was his sister. In Gen. 26, Isaac, his son told same lie in the same situation that Rebecca was his sister. Jacob, in Gen. 17:27 connived with his mother, Rebecca, to deceive his father and took hold of Esau’s blessing. Again, we saw that Jacob’s sons told him that Joseph was dead and for thirty years, he believed this lie. Again, we saw that Abraham slept with his maid and had Ishmael out of wedlock. Isaac escaped having a child out of wedlock, but Jacob slept with two of his maid. Rueben slept with his father’s maid and Judah in Gen. 38, ended up sleeping with prostitutes, including his daughter-in-law, Tamar.


1 Kings 2:26-27 told us about Abiathar, who wasn’t born when his father made a mistake and was cursed. He was in the fourth generation and also a high priest in the temple. He was with David all through his time of sorrow and pain, but suddenly the evil power of his father’s house caught up with him and pushed him to make a mistake that made him lose his priesthood. In Joshua 6:26, Joshua placed a curse.

The following are some of the signs to show that you are paying your grandfather’s bill: You experience untimely death in your family. Someone must die when he\she gets to a particular age in that family. Also, some pay with their wealth, they work and keep losing money. They have nothing to show for their handwork because spiritually someone is coming to collect the bills from them. Again, some pay with their health, thereby making them to be in and out of sickness. They can never enjoy good health. Some others pay with unstable marriage, late or no marriage. Due to what their parents or grandparents did, an agreement was entered that none would ever get married in that family, and if they did, it would be at the later part of their lives, thereby making the children from that family to suffer series of disappointment in their relationships.

Anytime you are about to make a decision that can make God to be angry or bring curse upon yourself, don’t think about yourself only, think about your children and the next generation unborn. During the crucifixion of Jesus, after Pilate’s wife told her husband the dream she had, Pilate washed his hands from Jesus’ case and told the crowd he was no longer a party to the case. They replied him, saying the blood would be on their heads and their children’s. The children that did not know what their fathers did, will end up suffering from the consequences of their sins.

The way out is for you to be born again, identify the generational iniquity and pray to God for forgiveness. Finally, engage in warfare prayers to set yourself free.
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