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19 Mar 2020
The diseases that are associated with an excess of free radicals are all very serious but the prevention of these diseases is as easy as taking 5 to 8 different antioxidants
16 Mar 2020
A new study provides the most detailed report to date of the cellular effects of a calorie-restricted diet in rats. While the benefits of caloric restriction have long been known
20 Oct 2019
They say once you hit 25 you’re practically 30. Well, it should be 26, actually. At 25 you still feel safe, you still feel young, not much pressure, hope still lingers, somewhat. At 26 you are closer to 30, and that’s it. At 26, it all dawns on you and you begin to indulge more…
19 Oct 2019
Ageing is a fact of life, but looking old is not, says Howard Murad, a United States of American (USA) trained pharmacist and dermatologist.
30 Sep 2019
Research shows that adults who spend as few as four years in economic hardship could be at risk of accelerated aging in comparison with adults who do not experience periods of poverty.
11 Sep 2019
A small clinical study in California, United States (U.S.), has suggested for the first time that it might be possible to reverse the body’s epigenetic clock, which measures a person’s biological age.
8 Apr 2019
*New drugs remove wrinkles, keep skin youthful, extend life expectancy by 30 years Research at the Mayo Clinic, a medical research centre based in Minnesota, United States (U.S.), have developed anti-ageing drugs called ‘senolytics’ which can wash away senescent cells – otherwise known as zombie cells as they no longer work to their full potential.…
7 Jan 2019
A drug that helps the immune system clear away old cells could restore youthfulness, according to a new study. The research suggests it may be possible to reverse the ageing process and could potentially pave the way for anti-ageing treatments that actually work. Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel investigated the way…
18 Sep 2018
Fibre is a key element of a healthful diet. New research breaks down the mechanism by which it can delay age-related brain inflammation. Fibre can be found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, pulses, and whole-grain foods. If all the studies that urge people to consume a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains…
26 Jun 2018
Ageing is inevitable and sometimes accompany illnesses but some lucky people take a nice long trip to old age and it seems they are stuck in time. Ageing gracefully depends on genes and lifestyle. Eating habits affect the ageing process, therefore, it is important to monitor the body as it advances in age. Some foods…
13 Apr 2018
Divorce, bereavement and financial hardship age people's brains by around four months and shorten life, new researches suggest. A single 'fateful life event' (FLE), which may also include miscarriages, causes the regions of older men's brains linked to memory, attention and thought to become thinner, a study found. Study author Dr Sean Hatton, from the…
24 Oct 2017
People who are overweight cut their life expectancy by two months for every extra kilogramme of weight they carry, research suggests.A major study of the genes that underpin longevity has also found that education leads to a longer life....


26 mins ago
It can be a great start to your day to have a cup of coffee before you begin with your activities. Coffee contains elements known to help rejuvenate the body and keep it energised.  So, when the drowsy feeling sets-in in the morning, having a cup of coffee can help turn all that around and…
35 mins ago
Remember that one unspoken rule that plagues your mind when you have a wedding to attend and you think of a flirty white dress to impress? -Never wear white to a wedding. The most important thing any guest should focus on, even before choosing the dress’s colour, is not to upstage the bride.  According to…
54 mins ago
The Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) kicked off exactly a week ago on January 9 after a pandemic-related hiatus at the 60, 000 capacity Olembe stadium in Cameroon with spectacular festivities and the most amazing cultural performances from the West-Central African country. The tournament started in earnest after an opening by the Indomitable Lions of…
58 mins ago
Lagos State government, on Tuesday, introduced a daily ₦800 consolidated informal transport levy for transporters in the state. The levy is outside the union dues collected by the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) and the Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria (RTEAN). Lagos State finance commissioner, Dr Rabiu Olowo, who revealed this at…
1 hour ago
Senegal has seized three containers of ammunition from a Guyana-flagged cargo ship in the port of the capital Dakar, in a rare arms haul worth an estimated $5 million. In a statement seen by AFP on Tuesday, Senegal's customs agency said it had searched a ship named the Eolika when it stopped to refuel, after…