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Surviving 26 And Above

They say once you hit 25 you’re practically 30. Well, it should be 26, actually. At 25 you still feel safe, you still feel young, not much pressure, hope still lingers, somewhat. At 26 you are closer to 30, and that’s it. At 26, it all dawns on you and you begin to indulge more in the philosophical.


25 is statistically loaded up with females who are confused, struggling, optimistic, hopeful, still relying on the vision and the lists they’d made. Oh, the list! 25 is that girl, graduating with the dreams to pursue and conquer, 25 is when you do begin to have a lot of bridesmaid duties and even aunty/ god-mother duties. But, the pressure 25 brings when it’s 4 months in leaves you with wonder. Lamentations have nothing on you once it’s 6 months in, fervent prayers darting aimlessly, then depression hits. 25 is that menopausal mother of cramps age.

26 you start to learn how to be unbothered, weirdly wiser, make risque decisions, and take life-changing moves. Yes, at 26 and above EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE IS life-changing. So you have no time to waste. Your thought level changes, your priorities change, your inner peace matters at this point. Still, you could be 26 and unsure, 26 and lost. Not to worry, here are a few tips to surviving 26 and above.

Here is how to survive 26

1 – Breathe


3 – Start over

4 – Make peace with your past

5 – Take Risks

6 – Go off social media.

Perhaps not completely. But you could try one month, then 2. Just to see just how much you don’t have to rely on it and see how well your thought process fares without it.

7 – Love without fear. Quit being guarded. Open up.

8 – Find what gives you peace

9 – Do You

Take yourself out, once a week or once a month. Go to places that interest you. Try out new things. This helps build courage and self-esteem and self-awareness. Have conversations with yourself in the mirror. Take care of yourself, buy you nice things. Be your own anonymous.

10 – Good Company, Good Conversations

Frankly, at this stage, you really need to start having intellectual conversations. You need to brainstorm. Your conversation and what you allow your brain to process matters.

11 – Finance

Improve your savings culture. If you do not have one, now is a good time to start. A certain percentage from your earnings every month is a good place to start. Make investments, and if you can, partner up.

12 – Relationship

Be very intentional here. Do not commit because it’s the right thing that comes with ageing. Be intentional about being single and own it. Be intentional about who you want, why you want what you want and what you do not want and stand by it.

13 – Fun

Have lots of it. Create memories. Travel.

14 – Career Growth

It’s okay to change jobs. Maybe with better pay or perhaps just one with a better opportunity for growth in your given field. Now is the time to make that decision.

15 – Friends

They might vary in ages but you need to know just what each stands for. You will learn how to tolerate and evict what you can’t tolerate.

16 – Time

You do have time but not a lot of it to waste. So make it count, every second.

17 – God

This is most important of all. Having a relationship with God.

This does not mean you have it all figured out yet but it’s a good start.


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