Thursday, 8th December 2022
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11 Aug
Flour is such an exciting food staple, particularly because of the many wonderful meals you can make using it, one of such being waffles.  The perfect meal for the weekend, nothing says it's time to relax than having some freshly made waffles drizzled with real maple syrup. What's even more interesting is that you can…
8 Aug
Are you a pap lover but getting bored with the old recipe and need a recipe to spice things up for your palette? Read through this recipe to rejuvenate your fondness for pap with the help of zobo leaves also known as hibiscus leaves or sorrel. Pap is a thick custard-looking meal eaten by many…
8 Aug
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  But being important doesn't mean it has to be boring. Today, breakfast ideas are endless, and what's even better, they are quite easy to make meaning; you enjoy an amazing meal for even less effort.  Today's recipe is a delicious crepe. Crepes are light, delicious flour…
31 Mar
Breakfast is a continuous thought that pops in our heads most mornings. But the nourishments you select to eat in the morning can either make or break the rest of your day. In case you start your morning with a well-balanced supper full of protein, fibre, complex carbs, and solid fats, you'll appreciate a delightful…
1 Feb
Have you heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? This idea is from the name ‘Breakfast’ as it's the first meal of the day to break your system of the fast of the night. Therefore, there is the need to replenish the body the next day in the morning…
27 Nov 2020
It is common knowledge that skipping breakfast is not good as it the most important meal of the day. However, not many are aware that you can’t eat absolutely anything you want in the morning as some foods are not very good for us if eaten on an empty stomach. Keep reading to know some…
2 Sep 2019
Breakfast has been argued to be the most important meal of the day. However, there have been so many arguments against this but none can be said to hold water. As an important meal of the day, here are some meals that you should strike out of your breakfast choice. Smoothie According to the British…
30 Aug 2019
Breakfast is a must-have for all of us as it is the most important meal of the day. Having a balanced breakfast is very important to our health and weight management; not having it at all only you puts you at risks. Hence, try your best to cultivate the habit of eating every morning. Take…
3 Jun 2019
A lot of us are guilty of skipping breakfast, either due to running late for work or just never bought the idea of eating so early. As overly basic as it may seem, breakfast is considered an important meal because it breaks the overnight fasting period, replenishes your supply of glucose and provides other essential…
1 Jun 2019
Peak Milk, Nigeria’s supreme dairy brand, has commenced a crusade on the importance of a healthy breakfast – and why it is the ideal tool enabling your day to start and end well. The campaign is aimed at creating a counterculture through series of experiential and media-led activities, which reinforces the breakfast custom. As a…
23 May 2019
In recent times there have been claims and counter claims on the health effects of skipping and having breakfast. New evidence published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology showed skipping breakfast was significantly associated with an increased risk of death from heart disease. However, others studies have shown that intermittent fasting effectively…
20 Apr 2019
Easter is tagged the ‘season of eggs’ and this is the perfect time to add more egg recipes to your stash of splendid recipes. There so many ways to enjoy eggs and it could be eaten at any time of day: Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. These two recipes are not just delicious; they are easy…


2 hours ago
The former President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, has suffered another political defeat as the Democratic Candidate, Senator Raphael Warnock, won Georgia's midterm election runoff for December Tuesday 6, 2022.
4 hours ago
Senators, yesterday, expressed concerns over the new Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) policy on cash withdrawal, which they observed might stifle economy.
4 hours ago
With 80 days to the presidential election, the United Kingdom (UK) has said it has no interest in who becomes Nigeria’s next president, as it warned against any act that could intimidate eligible voters from exercising their franchise on election day.
4 hours ago
In another turbulent year for the continent, African airlines have been estimated to post a cumulative loss of $636 million in 2022.
4 hours ago
There are growing fears by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) that over 1.5 million children’s education and health are facing challenge as a result of recent flooding, which affected over 30 states in Nigeria.