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What Do Nigerians And The World Eat For Breakfast?

By Chinelo Eze
01 February 2022   |   2:02 pm
Have you heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? This idea is from the name ‘Breakfast’ as it's the first meal of the day to break your system of the fast of the night. Therefore, there is the need to replenish the body the next day in the morning…

Have you heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

This idea is from the name ‘Breakfast’ as it’s the first meal of the day to break your system of the fast of the night. Therefore, there is the need to replenish the body the next day in the morning by eating a nutrient-based breakfast.

How do people around the world treat their breakfast routine? How do they say good morning to their rumbling stomach?

In Nigeria, 42 percent of Nigerians eat bread for breakfast, while 22 percent eat rice, spaghetti or noodles. Despite the large margin being bread lovers, there are other options that make for an interesting breakfast in Nigeria when you get creative by broadening the horizon. They range from light to heavy meals.

Moi Moi and pap as a combination or Akara and pap are breakfast options in Nigeria. They are special Nigerian meals made from the same source of blended beans. The difference is, achieving Moi Moi requires a steaming process, while Akara is fried. B. Akara is the street food that resonates with many Nigerians. It is the perfect meal to get on the go while heading out for work. Akara and Moi Moi are rich sources of protein and they make a perfect match when accompanied by pap, a native meal made from cornmeal and also known as akamu.

Yam and egg sauce: This Is another breakfast favourite in some homes. A carbohydrate and protein combination, it is a filling meal that can sustain one’s energy all day. The fried eggs, which are a vital part of this meal, are fried together with tomatoes, pepper, onions and salt to taste. If you are not a fan of yam, make a switch with fried plantains garnished with vegetables.

Noodles have become another special breakfast in most Nigerian homes. For the sheer fact that it is an easy and fast meal to prepare, they find their heart in children’s lunchboxes and are usually dressed with a wide range of compliments like eggs, plantain, sausages. This is not a meal for children alone as adults can relate to this meal.

Now it is bread time. Finding a way in the homes of most Nigerians, bread has been the staple meal eaten in most homes. It solves the problem of brainstorming on what to have for breakfast and that is why it tops the stomach chart of most Nigerians.

Bread for breakfast is eaten in many ways. Bread and beans famously known as Ewa Agoyin is native to the Yoruba people but it is also one of the most loved by many Nigerians. Another bread combo is the traditional bread and tea. The tea for Nigerians is the mixture of cocoa and milk, while the bread can be toasted or eaten with a spread, fried or boiled eggs, sausages and more.


In Australia, grains are a significant part that makes the regular breakfast in every Australian ‘brekkie’ bowl. With a bowl filled with fresh produce of whole grains, the Australian breakfast is high in nutritional combination. Traditional breakfast in all-day cafés in Australia ranges from Avocado toasts merged with seeded bread accompanied by farrows and poached eggs, berries, rice pudding with yoghurt seeds and many savoury toasts.


In Iceland, the day typically begins with a rich supply of lysi; cod liver oil, a large source of omega-3 fatty acids that is a byproduct of the country’s fish industry. Being a healthy source of cod liver oil, it is believed to fight seasonal illness. Additionally, the Iceland menu also extends to other options like a bowl of hafragrautur and a thick oatmeal. These meals are combined with raisins, sugar and nuts. If not satisfactory a thick yoghurt-like dairy (skyr), that is made out of fresh cheese is added to the breakfast.


Going to the region of Jamaica, breakfast in Jamaica begins with ackee and saltfish. Ackee is a special delicacy of sweet pear-shaped fruit, that is sautéed with salt cod, chillies, garlic, tomatoes, and onion in breakfast all scrambled up. This special breakfast is known as the country’s national dish that marries sweet, spicy and salty all in one. Often confused as scrambled eggs due to its semblance in looks, the creamy yellow ackee, Jamaica’s national fruit, in the dish makes it appear that way.


Guam is a small island of American territory. The Pacific Ocean is rich in culinary traditions, with foods that tell these tales of a colonised land. Spam is a favourite in Guam just like it is in Asia. It is a perfect blend for breakfast of fried rice and eggs. Another breakfast that is known is the local chamorro pork sausage. Oit is a fresh chorizo-style sausage named after the original population of the island. It is usually grilled in links or patties, and it is a breakfast sausage to relish.


Popara is a traditional breakfast meal that works by using leftover bread as the next day’s meal. This nostalgic breakfast is a childhood favourite for most Bulgarians. It is a blend of porridge and bread pudding. Warm milk or tea that is poured over a bowl of cubed bread, plus the crumbles of the sirene Bulgarian cheese, butter and sugar to soak up until it can be cut into.

Sirene is a feta-style cheese and is creamy and softer than most Eastern European brined cheeses. Therefore, it makes the meal less salty and gives a fresh, goat cheese-like flavour.