Friday, 24th March 2023
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Charles Ighele

19 Jun 2022
Some years back, a lady came to meet me for advice. The man she was engaged to kept putting pressure on her to tell him about the number of boyfriends she had had and how many times she had had sex with each of them.
29 May 2022
Some time ago, I told my wife that we needed to chill out to free our minds from work. In Mark 6:31, Jesus said to his disciples after a very hectic season of work: “Come away… into a desert place...
1 May 2022
There is a spirit of leadership, which God puts in man that wants to make the average man to be in charge. This spirit is highly on display when many men pursue females for marital or immoral relationships.
3 Apr 2022
My wife and I came up with a book titled, How To Apologise Properly To Your Spouse. In this write up, I like to share with you, my dear readers some rules of apology that we know about.
13 Mar 2022
Dad Is Destiny is the first chapter of a book I wrote. The book is titled, But Where Is My Daddy? Dad Is Destiny is the title of an article written in the February 27, 1995 edition of one of the world...
20 Feb 2022
DO you know what? God wants couples to have a very healthy sex life. That is why He created in the body of the man and the woman those body parts that can bring about sexual excitement and memories. 1 Cor. 7:3 says, “the husband should fulfill his wife’s sexual ...
23 Jan 2022
Between my wife (Carol) and I, people who know us very well know and say that I am more romantic than she is. In our marriage, therefore, I determine the romantic growth of our marriage.
2 Jan 2022
Children do not have respect for weak people. In fact, children tend to gravitate towards seeking the friendship and approval of stronger children or more intelligent children.
21 Nov 2021
Some time ago, my wife, and I and the entire household headed to one of the private quiet Atlantic Ocean beaches in Lagos. We were 19 in number, including my grandchildren.
14 Nov 2021
Sometimes ago, a woman whose marriage was at the verge of collapse met me for advice. As usual, I would not go into details of the issue that were at stake, so that her secret will remain secret.
17 Oct 2021
Some weeks ago, my wife Carol and I were gisting and laughing, as we were getting ourselves prepared that morning for the day’s work. We were talking about how much our marriage and love life has grown.
26 Sep 2021
Do you always struggle before you say, “I am sorry.” Do you feel many times that people are just unfair to you? Then you have a problem.


5 mins ago
Twitter influencer Chude Franklin Nnamdi, who was arrested by the Nigerian Police Force (NPF), is expected to be released from detention today, according to Omoyele Sowore, the African Action Congress (AAC) candidate in the 2023 presidential election.
8 mins ago
The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has confirmed the evacuation of banknotes from its vaults to commercial banks across the country.
54 mins ago
Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni urged greater support Friday for crisis-torn Tunisia, warning at Brussels summit of the risk of a "migratory wave" towards Europe if the situation deteriorated.
1 hour ago
Israel's attorney general on Friday accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of "illegal" public intervention on the government's divisive judicial reform programme, citing his ongoing corruption trial.
1 hour ago
The mild-mannered hero of "Hotel Rwanda" credited with saving hundreds of lives during the 1994 genocide, Paul Rusesabagina evolved into Kigali's highest-profile and sharpest-tongued critic before being convicted of terrorism.