Thursday, 7th July 2022
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12 Jun 2019
One thing killing your chance of starting something really beautiful with someone you have been crushing on for while does not know how to start or hold a conversation. Many do not know what to say after the generic salutation – Hi, How are you? And that is a big issue that a lot of…
10 Dec 2018
That’s the point. Government waited till the last minute and pulled the rug off their feet! Now there is no new minimum wage and the strike is in abeyance! The workers are furious. Some workers actually looked forward to staying at home for a few days.
27 Aug 2018
Well, I think they all deserve what is happening to them. They have placed us under siege for too long! Let them be placed under siege too and rot in prison.
25 Jun 2018
When a situation becomes too serious you should just laugh! It helps the spirit to survive the harshness of the environment.
28 May 2018
Pierre: I congratulate you on the latest royal wedding. Boris: Thank you. An excellent PRO for us and the monarchy! Helmut: It’s a good thing to watch a beautiful wedding that made everyone smile, not a report of mass killing or earthquakes! Boris: It was a beautiful day, reminiscent of the old days, the days…
17 Jul 2017
In relationships, no matter how long it has been on for, what challenges you may already have faced along the line, or how close you are to your partner, friend or loved one, there are some conversational topics that will help strengthen your relationship with them. Remember though that some of these topics can be…
18 Aug 2016
So you're trying to know someone on a dating site or other online platforms and this just happens to be your first time; things can get a little messy with trying to know a person you aren’t speaking with face-to-face. Relating with them might just be a task you don't want to mess with. This only…


23 mins ago
Deceased Secretary-General of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo, aged 63, who was in the final weeks of his six-year tenure, was due to fly from Abuja to Yola, Adamawa State for Eid holiday today...
24 mins ago
It was a case of frustration, distress and despondency for over 200 students of engineering faculty of the University of Calabar (UNICAL) since their demotion three years ago.
24 mins ago
The need to cut down on Nigeria’s high cost of governance, embrace local refining of petroleum products, create urgent solutions to vandalism and crude oil thefts as well as sustainable and diversified mass transportation...
25 mins ago
Pandemics and large-scale outbreaks can claim millions of lives, disrupt societies and devastate economies. The devastating human, economic, and social cost of COVID-19 has highlighted the urgent need for coordinated action to build stronger health systems...
27 mins ago
It’s crunch time in Rabat, Morocco. Nigeria’s Super Falcons face a must-win game against a Botswana team riding on a wave of success at the ongoing Morocco 2022 African Women Nations Cup.