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Best Ways To Start Online Dating Conversation

By Bridget
18 August 2016   |   4:50 pm
So you're trying to know someone on a dating site or other online platforms and this just happens to be your first time; things can get a little messy with trying to know a person you aren’t speaking with face-to-face. Relating with them might just be a task you don't want to mess with. This only…

So you’re trying to know someone on a dating site or other online platforms and this just happens to be your first time; things can get a little messy with trying to know a person you aren’t speaking with face-to-face. Relating with them might just be a task you don’t want to mess with. This only tells us that online conversations could pose serious challenges to the person in need of it, especially if they intend building a meaningful relationship out of that. To finally get things on between that fellow you have been crushing on, you have to put on your creative mind. Tell you what, more and more people are meeting their friends, partners, and spouses on the Internet, and here’s the thing: it’s awkward for everyone! it can be achieved, but here is where you start from;

Best tips for your online conversation!

Pick up an unfamiliar situation and make a topic out of it: This idea tends to use a creative attention catcher to get to the person you want to start a conversation with. Now this is how it goes; “Hi dear, you did a great job on your presentation today, never thought I will learn so much about business today! My name is Ken!” Now this person must be thinking, what? What is this guy talking about? She will be forced to respond with a, “Sorry, wrong contact!” Then you go, “Lol, yes, it was intentional, couldn’t think of a better way to get you to talk to me than this, sorry if am being sneaky, just didn’t want to miss a chance of getting to know you! My name is Ken”. Most certainly this lady will marvel at your sense of humour, creativity, boldness and intelligence, and might want to honour you with a more assuring response! This idea, is presupposedly, more likely to get you somewhere than the usual “Hi”, “Hello”, “Sorry may I know you?” Don’t get me wrong, I am not totally ruling these conversational starters out, but the thing is, to most ladies, it doesn’t just hold weight!

Moreover, the rule of this game states that you have to be your real self while doing this. No need to sound scared, timid or fake in your approach, if anything, you need to bold and real.

Pick one thing on her profile/page and make fun of it: Since you want this lady to respond to you anytime you talk to her online, you want to carefully choose your words and know the best ways to go about things. Don’t be a total jerk, and don’t be rude. Politely make sure your words are meant on a lighter note and nothing more. This might not really be a hard thing to handle since the lady in question already has an idea of your sense of humour. Here is an idea, “Is that really your pet lying next to you on your profile picture or just something for great selfie? Making fun of someone in a light-hearted way creates instant intimacy and her response will reveal whether she can take a joke or not. But one thing remains, you are getting to familiarize with one another. This obviously can lead to more intimate conversations about you two.

Be engaging in your conversation: Read and respond carefully. Conversation is all about taking cues and riffing off of what people say. While you are talking to the person, be aware of what the conversation has covered and where it is going. In this respect, talking to people online can even be easier than speaking in person. You should be able to scroll back through the conversation if you need to remember a specific detail.

Ask her a personal question: Everyone loves talking about themselves, and exchanging personal stories is a great way to get things rolling, this, however, might give you something to talk about on a first date. Just keep is light. You could say, “What’s the craziest thing you did in high school?” Now this relatable, but, “What’s your deepest regret?” is not.

Confuse the hell out of her: People cannot resist a mystery. Use a random emoji to create an act, e.g. “nail painting” “Off to the airport” etc. are all good ways. If she doesn’t take the bait immediately and ask what’s that? Follow up with “No?” At this point, she’s hooked —When she responds with, “What?” tell her it was a test that she failed, but she can make up for it by buying you a drink, then put a smiley emoji. This is a way to also inform her that a date could be cooking up in your mind too, and who knows, your conversation in this direction may finally lead a request for your first date.

Type this sentence verbatim: “So, where should we get that drink?” You already know that this person finds you attractive by now, because they have been very receptive, so why even waste time on a half-hearted conversation, when the point of online dating is dating in real life? Go ahead and push that button!

Find out things that interests her but don’t be nosy: Genuinely inquire about her hobbies, likes, best movies, songs etc. You could start by saying, “Do you go to the movies?” This question is an open ended question which could lead to many other connective stories, try to be respectful of sensitive topics. You’ll have to use your intuition; a general rule of thumb says, don’t ask anyone a question you wouldn’t want to answer yourself!

Don’t force things: If she gives you any reason to believe she is having a rough day and so might not be a better mood for conversation, don’t force it! How do you know when one does this? For example, if she answers your question with one-word answers, despite your best efforts, then she may just not want to talk to you right now. If things are looking forced; it is always better to end the conversation and try again later. However, ensure you just don’t run off, find a better way to round up the conversation on a note that you will check her later. Before, this, wisdom could know if it will be nice to know what the problem is, but that would largely depend on her mood and receptivity.

Please do not feel bad, it is not necessarily your fault! It can be so difficult to tell how someone is feeling, especially online. For all you know, the person doesn’t want to talk because they’re feeling depressed, having a lot of work to do, or are just having a bad day, so if you try to talk over and over again and she does not seem interested in the conversation–let it go. Give her some space, it is better to let someone go than to make them feel uncomfortable, remember, nobody likes to feel pressured.

In conclusion, try not to be so dry in your manner of trying to get her to come online or chat with you whenever you come online. A little role-playing will be ideal. Spice things up by starting a role-play scenario. You’re the prince, she’s the princess, and you call out to her: “Oh, won’t some pretty come save me from this lonely stuffy castle!” Yeah I know, it’s a little unconventional, but anything is better than “Sup?” you know what I mean!

Again, be curious, but not pushy; relax, and try to be yourself in all you do, know that striking up a conversation online is hard for almost everyone. You’re not the first, and you won’t be the last. Worst case, it’ll be a learning experience. Best case, you’ll connect with somebody in a deep way. Neither case applies until you try, so go make it happen!

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