Saturday, 1st October 2022
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24 Jul
Masquerade and masquerading are rooted in the culture and traditions of the different tribes in Nigeria and they are all different from each other in terms of functions and festivals. In Yoruba land, they are known to appear during festivals, rituals, ceremonies, or funerals. Masquerades are a huge part of our tradition as it is…
18 Oct 2020
Every society has a belief in something belief in life, belief in death a belief in life after death. These beliefs are instrumental components of culture, and they influence the disposition of a community/people. These principles could be said to be a way to understanding “death” a phenomenon that has since plagued every man and…
9 Feb 2020
The trains of thoughts that comes when you see an Egungun is to either run as fast as your leg can carry you, scream and pass out or just hold your ground and become crippled temporarily with fear while the Egungun passes. So, what is the evolution of Egungun in Yorùbá culture? How did they…
26 Jan 2019
The Lagos State Government has released the 2019 calendar of arts, culture and entertainment events, an annual listing meant to guide local and foreign tourists...
19 Feb 2017
Veteran artiste and frontline culture administrator, Yinka Ogundaisi and his colleagues at Universal Films and Communications Ltd; are teaming up with Oyo State Ministry of Information...


15 mins ago
The World Bank has announced $530 million in supplemental funding for Ukraine to enable it to "meet urgent needs created by Russia's invasion."
21 mins ago
Ahead of the 2023 poll, the Acting Head of Mission and Country Representative, International Peace Commission of the United Nations, Amb. Hussaini H. Coomassie has rallied the teeming population of youths in the country to participate in the electioneering process.
28 mins ago
Before I founded Flutterwave I worked in different companies and countries, including in South Africa. During one of my stints, I came to learn of a few big South African companies that had expanded to Nigeria and other African countries, but couldn't figure out how to pay their staff easily. There was no product then to make cross-border payments this seamless for them and it so happened that this hampered their expansion and maybe even discouraged further recruitment in Nigeria at the time. 
34 mins ago
The African Union chief Moussa Faki Mahamat Saturday condemned the "unconstitutional change of government" in Burkina Faso after military officers ousted junta leader Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba.
49 mins ago
Russia was even more diplomatically isolated Saturday after President Vladimir Putin annexed four Moscow-held areas of Ukraine with Kyiv condemning the move and vowing to retake the territories.