Sunday, 14th August 2022
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24 Jul
Although it can’t be determined the exact period when someone first gave someone else a flower, we know that humans have been giving flowers to one another since ancient times and the art of giving flowers is a thing that has been encouraged in every culture. Any occasion is appropriate for giving flowers because they…
13 Feb
Roses are red, violets are blue, know your flowers this Valentine by using flowery words to celebrate your partner. Roses Are the model flower to give to someone you love and you can never go wrong with these red beauties on Valentines Day. Being a classic “I love you gesture”, the red variation is entirely…
12 Feb
Valentine’s Day is the second most popular card and gift sending celebration after Christmas. In giving gifts, flowers play a significant role, especially red roses which are floral symbols of the Valentine season.
9 Jan
Flowers are a natural aesthetic gift to earth and man. They have a seat in the world, making a beautiful addition to the environment that brings elegance and class to events and society, similarly giving meaning to life. Even as decorations when used on teacups, floral prints, and more, they make an excellent impression; always…
24 Aug 2020
  There's just something about flowers that instantly make us feel better. No matter what type of flower it is, big or small, they always seem to bring happiness along with them. However, there are some flowers that have that extra dose of sunshine. If you know someone, whether it's a friend or a family…
3 Apr 2020
Interestingly, three drugs from plant sources have shown promise in treating viral infections including the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV).
22 Jun 2019
“Where people gather the scent should be sweet” Make Sweet Memories Flowers are admired for their beauty, exquisite shapes and seemingly unending spectrum of colours, but some varieties are most loved and respected for their amazing scents. Many favorite memories are triggered by our sense of smell, so it’s no surprise that garden flowers are…
20 Apr 2019
In keeping with Easter tradition; celebrations and festivities are kept on hold during lent (the period of fasting and prayer) until after the Resurrection Sunday. Even funerals of the aged (regarded as a celebration of life) are delayed until after the Lenten period. Eastertide is very popular time of the calendar because it is always…
16 Feb 2019
Fresh flowers are beautiful, mostly fragrant that come in a variety of colors and sizes. When you receive a fresh bouquet of flowers as gifts they are beautiful and heavenly to behold. However to achieve maximum enjoyment and longevity from them you need to provide a little ‘’TLC’’ when the flowers arrive. Fortunately what is…
29 Dec 2018
As the New Year approaches, it is only natural for people to feel the need for a new decorating ambience for their homes; more like a new year, a new home aesthetics, ranging from paintings to lightings, furniture, flowers, sculptures and even electronics. Some just want to do away with the existing clumsiness of their…
29 Dec 2018
January is the month that heralds “The New Year’ which comes at the height of the Harmattan season. The rains have long seized to fall, giving way to the Harmattan’s dry winds which blankets the landscape with its grey dust. Most plants manage to stay alive; the deciduous shedding their leaves, while those that keep…
12 Jun 2018
There's no better day to appreciate the flowers, especially the roses, than Red Rose Day (US). Flowers are rarely the focus of an entire trip even in their most heavenly state. Tourists may enjoy the view of a landscaped ground from a hotel or the majesty in a renowned botanical garden, but that's usually all…


12 mins ago
Industries in the Lagos and Ogun State pipeline corridor are currently facing production setbacks, as the pressure of gas supply has dropped remarkably, making it inadequate for most of them to undertake
13 mins ago
The Guardian learnt that the bandits stormed some communities in their numbers, at the weekend, killed and whisked away several persons.
27 mins ago
Delta State Police Commissioner, Mr. Ari Mohammed Alli, has warmed all Divisional Police Officers (DPOs), Area Commandants (ACs) and the rank and files to desist, forthwith, from collecting money
34 mins ago
Shell Companies in Nigeria paid $986 million in corporate taxes and royalties to the Federal Government of Nigeria from its operations in 2021.
34 mins ago
The last may not have been heard of the controversial acquisition deal between the indigenous oil exploration firm, Seplat Energy and International oil firm ExxonMobil.