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How To Care For Your Freshly Cut Flowers

Valentine season means Flower season. Sadly, bacteria does a lot of harm to freshly cut flowers once they are put in a vase. Bacteria is one of the secrets to a flower wilting quickly.

To avoid this from harming your precious flowers, here are some tips to get it to stay longer:

  1. Sprites and 7up: Are not just a drink. Due to the high concentrate of sugar in it coupled with the soda, the which helps your delicate flowers. A mix of a quarter of sprite/7up and a cup of water does the trick.
  2. Vinegar: Don’t you just Vinegar? Add one and a half teaspoon of white vinegar and two spoons of sugar.
  3. Copper: You have probably seen copper or coins in a flower case. Turns out it was no accident. A copper coin is like an acidifier. It is often advised that you add a cube of sugar after the copper coin has been added.
  4. Vodka:  Add a drop of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar.
  5. Bleach: Has a simple function: Prevents the bacteria from growing. Just add three drops of bleach and one cube of sugar in your water.

Ensure you change your water every day and add any of the options listed above. The stems should also be properly covered with water. You’d be amazed at how much your flowers will last.

Tip** Adding sugar to your flowers makes it retain its aroma and serves as food for freshly-cut flowers.

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