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22 Jan 2018
Belly fat is a total nuisance, we all agree on that. It not only makes your clothes feel tight and uncomfortable, it can also be very harmful. It doesn’t matter if you look slim, people with excess visceral fat are at an increased risk of metabolic disease, type 2 diabetes or heart disease. Here are…
20 Jan 2018
Folate is a member of the vitamin B group. In its natural form, it can be derived from some foods that we eat. But the synthetic form is folic acid, which we take as a supplement to our diets. Folate is important to women of child-bearing age. Although women have been taking folic acid as…
11 Jan 2018
Burning fat becomes much easier when you increase your metabolic rate. There is no safe "magic pill" that can help you burn hundreds of extra calories every day, but there are quite a number of natural foods and beverages that are proven to help increase your metabolism and able to lose fat. Here are some of…
5 Oct 2016
The debate over the safety and labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) rages. TYwenty seven different countries have banned GMOs and 50 others across the globe have insisted on product labeling.


Female-focused social enterprise, which encourages women to take on more decision making positions and venture into leadership opportunities, HEIR Women Development has shared the findings from her self investigative...
6 mins ago
If manifesting your successes were a person, it would be Ade Ebenezer, professionally known as Olakira. The 31-year-old singer has just bagged a massive endorsement deal with Italian luxury vehicle maker, Maserati,...
21 mins ago
This week, I want to tell you a story about Esther and John. Esther was described by Golden Dara as an ‘esoteric’ beauty. Golden was our neighborhood grammarian.
25 mins ago
As conversations continue to increase on global population control, as well as healthy family planning, Majority Leader of the Federal House of Represntative, Hon. Alhassan Ado-Doguwa, has vowed that he will increase his family size to 30 children within the year.
25 mins ago
The Chicago State University has debunked controversies surrounding the All-Progressives Congress (APC) national leader, Bola Tinubu, declaring that the presidential aspirant did attend the university.    Beverly Poindexter, from the institution’s Office of the Registrar, responded to enquiries from Nigerian press, saying that “Mr Tinubu did attend our university, however, if further information is needed,…