Sunday, 25th September 2022
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2 Apr 2021
Piers Morgan can’t be replaced by a single person on Good Morning Britain, one of ITV’s top bosses has claimed. The broadcaster’s director of television, Kevin Lygo, indicated the breakfast show will continue with its current presenting line-up, following Piers’ high-profile departure last month. The presenter left GMB on 9 March, following controversial comments he…
12 Mar 2021
Piers Morgan has insisted he will not be returning to Good Morning Britain any time soon, after leaving the daytime show earlier this week. On Tuesday night, Piers’ exit from Good Morning Britain was confirmed by ITV, after his comments casting doubt on Meghan Markle’s recent claims about her mental health and experiences of racism…
9 Feb 2020
There is something called fundamental option which underlies a person’s actions and inactions. The fundamental options of Nigeria’s President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB) on his way to power
20 Dec 2019
WHO is/was the coiner of “PMB” and ”GMB” - labels for President Buhari? And why am I asking this simple, innocuous, innoxious question?
25 Nov 2019
Prince Adebọwale Adesina, Prince Adebayọ Adesina, Ṣekóoní Igboho, L.O. Abẹfẹ, Eyitanwa Ọladipupọ-Lawal, Abọlaji Tẹjidini
27 Aug 2019
One of the saddest aspects of Nigeria’s crisis is a situation in which the Army is relied upon for internal security. From the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua through the former President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, to the current President...
12 Apr 2019
Everywhere in our country today the wind is moaning the mournful sound of suffering, pain, tragedy and death. Wherever we are in our rooms, kitchens, streets, footpaths or wherever we suffer the depredations of a hostile, unfathomable, mysterious nature. And one cannot but have the impression that our country is a jungle, a wild jungle…
South-West Nigeria
2 Apr 2019
My American Mother, Rosemary Curcio, could be as stiff-necked as my biological mother, Babayemi Okugbesabi Abioje. I told that woman (Rosemary) to book for me a simple lodging around University of Leipzig, Germany, such as students’ hostel or something of that nature. Contrary to my request, she booked Vivaldi Hotel. When you get out of…
21 Mar 2019
Sir: Rev Fr Michael Abayọmi Adeniji of the Catholic diocese of Oshogbo, visited me in Ilorin (2002?). I told him about one brilliant Abayọmi Adeniji in Kwara TV. He said he never heard about him. The Reverend Father came to see me because he was perplexed about how two most unlikely persons quit the Catholic…
22 Feb 2019
Last Friday, I dwelt on what I rightly called “our electoral meshugaas.” I do not feel the need to elucidate pertinent items or statements stated in the referred-to essay. But because of the total “shock” that descended, so to say, on the nation as a result of INEC’s postponement of last Saturday’s presidential and senatorial…
19 Feb 2019
Mrs Aisha Buhari, the wife of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, sure has great ways to make her mind known. In a tweet on her verified Twitter handle, Mrs Buhari tweeted a video where the president instructed security forces to be ruthless against any ballot box snatcher during Nigeria's general elections. She…
4 Feb 2019
Sir: What I want to tell Muhideen Akorede is that until you privatise water supply, Nigerians will never see why they should pay for water. The good thing about it is that once many companies go into water supply business, it will become cheaper than sinking and maintaining boreholes. Government is not responsible for water…


16 mins ago
In keeping with its vision of promoting widows’ rights and attaining a more equitable society for Nigerian widows, the Rose of Sharon Foundation (RoSF) held its bi-annual Widowhood Rights Programme ..
18 mins ago
Worship4Change, a not-for-profit organisation in Nigeria, will, on October 3, 2022, hold 'Green Worship 5.0', a benefit concert organised to raise awareness and support for indigent children...
24 mins ago
We must not assume that our partners will always know when they are wrong. It can really be very painful when you expect an apology from your partner and none comes.
29 mins ago
The organisers of 2022 Tokyo International Film Festival have named renowned opera theatre and film director, Julie Taymor, as President of International Competition jury at the 35th TIFF.
33 mins ago
My name is Brother Destiny, I came from Ogoja, Cross River State and joined the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries in 2003. I thank God for delivering me from series of spiritual attacks. Praise the Lord!