Sunday, 3rd December 2023


29 Oct
We are in the days and times when so many voices speak to us. We hear many voices and words; speak to us at one time or the other.
15 Oct
“I am with you.” Jesus promised that His presence and authority would be with all believers who go forth to “teach all nations.”
24 Sep
It is quite clear that indeed power has changed from the hand of the lanky, foxy and taciturn one to the hand of a very artful dodger who actually prepared for a strategic state capture.
24 Sep
WE must be careful never to conclude that God is bound to furnish material prosperity to everyone who follows these conditions. Such general principles do not absolutely guarantee prosperity, because they are subject to God’s higher choices for each of us and sometimes God allows us to undergo suffering and adversity.
20 Aug
From the Bible days, great men of God found themselves in some sort of confusions, needing to hear from God.
30 Jul
There are two powerful pictures of soul-winning in the New Testament. One is of a “fisherman,” the other is of a “shepherd.”
18 Jun
Isaiah had been serving the Lord and ministering to people before he was considered to be given a new commission with a wider scope. Before he could be given the new assignment, there was a revelation of the presence of the Lord to him.
18 Jun
The fear of the Lord causes us to discipline and restrain our tongues so that we are careful about what we say and how much we speak (Prov. 10:19; Eccl 5:2, 6-7; Matt 12:36).
23 Apr
Surely the above circumstances were providentially arranged. So the Christian should ask, when attempting to discover God’s will, is the Lord showing me something through my circumstances?
2 Apr
Given that power, the believer must then accept that responsibility in salvation and remain in Christ. The Greek word “meno” means to remain, continue, abide or live.
2 Apr
Trouble is a normal phenomenon in Christianity. Nobody can rule out troubles and persecution in Christian faith. In fact, there are reasons for such persecutions. But Christians are not patient enough to see the end result of persecution.
12 Mar
God’s servants are often men and women of many parts. They engage in sterling activities that stand them out before God and man. Paul the Apostle was such a man. He was a soul-winner, preacher and ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ.


22 mins ago
As the Christmas season, also known as Yuletide season approaches, anticipation fills the air, and festive decorations adorn homes and streets alike. For many, this is a time of joy, celebration and cherished traditions. However, not everyone eagerly awaits the arrival of the holiday season with the same enthusiasm. While some individuals eagerly count down…
31 mins ago
In today's fast-paced world, where schedules are often packed with work commitments, meetings and deadlines, finding time to unwind is essential for maintaining a healthy balance. Engaging in activities that promote relaxation and rejuvenation is crucial to combat stress and improve overall well-being. Here are some activities that can help individuals with busy schedules unwind:…
36 mins ago
The management of Golden Sugar Company, Sunti Division, at the weekend reiterated its commitment to the development of its host community through a well-defined funding programme to avail residents of technical expertise and opportunities in line with global best practices. General Manager of the Golden Sugar Company, Mr. Anlo Du Pisani, made the promise during…
1 hour ago
The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), has approved amnesty on penalties and interests for outstanding tax liabilities.
1 hour ago
Candidates of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) won all the 38 chairmanship and 177 councillorship seats in Saturday’s council elections in Ekiti.
1 hour ago
Founder and Executive Director of Project Enable Africa, Olusola Owonikoko, has tasked stakeholders on unified efforts towards implementation of the Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) Prohibition Act. He made the call during the 5th Disability Inclusion and Leadership (DIAL) Awards and dialogue, at the weekend in Abuja. He pointed that it took Nigeria 18 years to…
1 hour ago
The Hamas-run health ministry on Sunday said 15,523 people had died in the Gaza Strip since the start of the war with Israel.
2 hours ago
Arsenal will host Liverpool in a blockbuster third-round FA Cup tie next month featuring sides that have won the competition 22 times between them.
2 hours ago
NDLEA has thwarted attempts by drug syndicates to export hard drugs sewn into hems of jeans trousers, or stuffed in dolls, buttons, soaps and in beverage tins.
2 hours ago
The languages spoken across the country form an intricate pattern that reflects the diverse tapestry of its people. However, the haunting specter of extinction looms over some of the major indigenous languages, posing a threat to the rich linguistic heritage that has evolved over the years. According to reports, more than 400 Nigerian indigenous languages…