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19 Nov 2020
Social media platform, Facebook, has begun its #FBSuccessStory campaign to spotlight Nigerian entrepreneurs using Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to grow their business.
16 Nov 2020
Following its emergence as a key driver of business growth in recent years, Facebook today announced the commencement of its #FBSuccessStory campaign that highlights how entrepreneurs in Africa, particularly in Nigeria and Ghana, grew their businesses using Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook has been an enabler of Small and Medium Businesses since it launched its…
10 Mar 2018
I dream of painting and then I paint my dream This saying by Vincent Van Gogh exemplifies the journey of Bolanle Austen-Peters, the founder of the prestigious art, lifestyle and educational centre, Terra Kulture. The poise lady who has, by no small means, put the art world back on the Nigerian scene admits that men also experience the…
28 Apr 2017
Barely a week it won two awards at the .ng Media Awards, The Guardian has been nominated in two categories at the second edition of the West Africa Mobile Awards holding on May 18.
8 Apr 2017
CEO of Metrowoman, Chinenye Nnoli, said in a press statement that the five-minute video interview series to be called The Metrowoman Marketplace, would tell the stories behind emerging brands founded by Nigerian women on digital platforms.
3 Oct 2016
Brothers and sisters, times are hard! At this point it’s probably safe to say we are in a struggle economy, so the prospect of raising funds for small businesses has become even harder and more expensive.
26 Sep 2016
  Just ten to fifteen years ago, in Africa becoming financially successful and making your parents proud generally meant that you had to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer, accountant and maybe even an investment banker. Pursuing a university degree, then deciding to become an entrepreneur would have caused mayhem in most Nigerian homes. You were…
22 Sep 2016
Last year I had the most amazing encounter at the WIMBIZ conference with a lady that has now become synonymous with well-packaged ‘Akamu’ in Nigeria.
12 Sep 2016
A while ago, a friend of mine ran her business idea by me and I thought it was brilliant but several months later she still didn’t have it up and running.
5 Sep 2016
  In Nigeria, there seem to be two extremes when it comes to people’s general attitude to debt. On one extreme, there are people who are afraid to entertain the notion of any debt at all because they see it as dangerous and would rather pay cash for everything.  On the other extreme there are…
29 Aug 2016
  How to save when the bills just won’t stop Biko! What is a bill abeg? I’m curious. I’ve overheard a lot of conversations in the last year where someone, usually someone with no real responsibility complains about how their bills keep piling up, so they can’t save. When you ask them what said bills…
22 Aug 2016
“Your Life, Your Money is a personal finance series for African youth produced by Guardian TV. The weekly series will educate audiences on methods and practices essential for living a richer financial life.


20 mins ago
Since its inception in 2005 by virtue of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) microfinance policy which made provision for short-term financing to MSME’s, microfinance banks have played a significant role in the growth and development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, which in turn has boosted the operations of these businesses in terms of capacity and growth
23 mins ago
Iran is awaiting the release of about $7 billion in funds frozen abroad, state media said Sunday, after it allowed an Iranian-American to leave the country and released his son from detention.
28 mins ago
The vice-presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Delta’s Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa says the crisis within the party would soon be resolved.
40 mins ago
Enioluwa Adeoluwa, also known as "Lip-gloss Boy" or "Beauty Boy," is a multi-talented individual who has positions as a writer, host, media expert, influencer, and public speaker. Adeoluwa's climb has been unmatched since 2020; he is well-known for his videos in which he can be seen putting on lip gloss and making observations about his…
57 mins ago
“Between good friends, brothers shall I say there must be frank understanding. Lack of frankness leads to suspicion, suspicion engenders mistrust and mistrust breeds enmity. But so long as we speak with an open mind and know one another’s thoughts and respect them even though we cannot agree with them, we shall remain good friends.”…