Wednesday, 19th January 2022
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16 Oct
A relaxing atmosphere is one of the major attributes of a home. Actually, it is not a home if you don’t find it relaxing with a gentle hum and warmth.
2 Apr 2021
Gemona West Design Studio has made Nigeria proud by clinching the award for the Best Office Space in Africa with their Pernod Ricard Nigeria
14 Sep 2019
While we all talk about shunning mediocrity and excelling through hard work, people forget that charity begins at home, meaning, the first and last workplace for anyone in the home.
9 Sep 2019
People come from different walks of life to work together, there are bound to be differences and misunderstandings and the differences are meant to be resolved. However, there are some colleagues that are difficult to work with and no matter how hard you try to make things work, things will always end up going sore.   Be calm…
30 Aug 2019
The work environment is meant to be relaxing in such a way that you are able to perform mental tasks without your freedom being stifled or feeling mentally drained unnecessarily. There are some things that should be avoided in a work environment so as to have a smooth work experience. Below are some of the…
26 Aug 2019
Most people are trapped in the 9-5 circle; they start their day in a rush hoping to beat traffic, they get to work and are enraptured in a pile of tasks, by evening they are stuck in rush hour traffic, they get home late and too tired, thereby having little or no time to work…
16 Aug 2019
Often, it gets worrisome when you are under-performing at your place of work. Your boss might even threaten to sack you because you are not performing as expected; this can send you in to bouts of depression. Below are some ways to improve your performance in your place of work: Organise, plan and prioritise The…
1 Jun 2019
The importance of the Area rug, commonly known as the centre rug in your space cannot be underestimate, as it not only brings your interior décor to live in the garnished beauty it gives, but also bequeaths your feet a comfy sensation that only a home brings. In most cases, the area rug does more…
7 Feb 2019
During the week, an interesting story of an office tea girl was sent to me. This girl helped her company to solve the most troubling problem which many enterprises in production grapple with on a daily basis —thievery! Farm hands make away with eggs, fish or snails. In garment industries, shirts, trousers, singlets disappear. Whether…
9 May 2016
The Ex- NSA and other members of the past administration are currently being prosecuted the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for their roles in what is now widely known as the Dasukigate.
7 Apr 2015
HOURS after fire gutted the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) office in Nwaorieubi, the headquarters of Mbaitoli Local Council of Imo State, the Police have arrested a security man attached to the office. Also detained are two police officers, who were on duty at the time of the fire incident.


26 mins ago
Sudanese security forces shot dead an anti-coup protester on Wednesday as American diplomats visited Khartoum seeking to help end a crisis which has claimed dozens of lives and derailed the country's democratic transition.
1 hour ago
Paris Saint-Germain star Lionel Messi, who recently recovered from a Covid-19 infection, was on Wednesday left out of Argentina's squad for World Cup qualifiers against Chile and Colombia...
2 hours ago
Nigerian feature film, Eyimofe (This Is My Desire), has made history as the first Nigerian film to earn an NAACP Image Awards nomination. Directed by the Esiri twins – Arie and Chuko Esiri – and presented by GDN Studios, a subsidiary of The Guardian Group, publishers of The Guardian newspapers, Eyimofe received its historic NAACP…
3 hours ago
Afrobeats superstar Wizkid has announced the indefinite postponement of his Made In Lagos Canada tour.  The singer shared this update in a post to his Twitter account on Wednesday. He noted that scheduled stops for the tour would no longer proceed this month as planned.  The post reads, "Due to existing and public health measures being introduced…
3 hours ago
With the proliferation of online gambling around the globe, we are seeing millions of people gambling in countries that we never thought of as countries that would support online gambling. It's fair to say that Nigeria would be one of those countries. When a third-world country has issues with poverty, we tend to forget that…