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6 Ways To Handle Difficult Colleagues


Black Business Colleagues Working Together | Photo – Shutterstock

People come from different walks of life to work together, there are bound to be differences and misunderstandings and the differences are meant to be resolved. However, there are some colleagues that are difficult to work with and no matter how hard you try to make things work, things will always end up going sore.


Be calm

Most of the time, people who are calm might be seen as people who are in control and respectable. When someone proves difficult and you are calm, they listen and give their attention. Raising your voice at your colleague might get you nowhere, unless, you know that is the only way to get them to work.



It might go a long way if you call such a colleague and discuss the difficulties you are facing with them. Instead of discussing them with people, discuss it with them first, they might see things from your perspectives and vice versa. Having a calm discussion about the problem may have a surprising response. Some people do not realize the adverse impact their statements and actions have on others and will be genuinely surprised and taken aback. Try to talk reasonably and hold your temper.


Talk with a friend

You can also discuss with a friend to get a clearer picture of the situation, especially, if you are the only having issues with this colleague. The friend can help you manage your frustrations and help you understand your colleagues better.

Build a relationship

Often, people react to others based on the pressure from work. You can build a good rapport with your colleagues by connecting with your colleagues on a personal level. Go out with them for lunches or dinners. Get to know them as people, and not colleagues. Learn more about their hobbies, their families, their lives. Foster strong connections. These will go a long way in your work.

Be respectful

It will be difficult working with people if you are also disrespectful. People will often treat you the way you treat them. If you will treat the person with disrespect, it will not be surprising if he/she treats you the same way.

Take it to a higher authority

Where you have tried all the above, and it is still difficult working with these colleagues, you can take the matter to your boss so the issue does now affect your delivery. Be careful not to exercise this option all the time as you wouldn’t want your manager to think you are incapable of handling your own problems. When you use the top-down solution, it will help them listen and act better.

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