Wednesday, 29th March 2023
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16 Oct
Praying right means that one can also pray wrongly. Prayer, as a communication, can also be referred to as a request.
18 Sep 2022
The background of Daniel 7:21-22 above is necessary to assist our understanding of our key text. Daniel Chapter 7 contains the vision of the Prophet Daniel about the end-time events.
28 Aug 2022
Difficult situations do make us pray with perseverance to God. At one time or the other, we are confronted with very difficult situations; situations that look so hopeless and impossible.
24 Aug 2022
In life, many people practice a religion that they are familiar with, and that might just appear odd to other people. However, prayer seats at the heart of many forms of religious beliefs. Prayer, according to a famous tune, is "the master key." It is a high level of faith displayed by its followers. Prayer…
21 Aug 2022
Both Elijah and Elisha in the course of their ministries had their faith put to the test while praying to revive the dead.
14 Aug 2022
These are perilous times in our nation, and in the entire world, when the Church cannot afford to sit on the fence.
12 Jun 2022
Our prayers must be based on the mercy of the Lord, not on feelings if we must get speedy answers. We must appreciate His kindness and greatness. When we pray
22 May 2022
The title of this paper “Having A Faithful And Fruitful Anglican Ministry Under God” is quite intriguing. On the one hand, one can have a faithful ministry and yet not be fruitful.
22 Apr 2022
For some time now, in our climate, we have been inundated with the new philosophy of seeking all manners of shortcuts to overcome poverty, especially generational ones.
3 Apr 2022
FOLLOWING the era of the Sasha Ps, Eva Alordiah and Kel, in the 2010s, there has been a drought of female Afro hip-hop musicians in Nigeria. However, with the emergence of the young eastern chanteuse, Chinyere M. Ugokwe, it has been a downpour of exciting fast-paced melodies, soothing cadence and vibrant lyricism within that musical…
27 Mar 2022
Hannah was an ordinary woman in a male dominated society. Even though she was the first wife, her childlessness pushed her to second place.
6 Mar 2022
The Lord had an important spiritual work to do in the lives of the Israelites, hence, the call to sanctify themselves. Sanctification, on the other hand


3 mins ago
Some commercial bus drivers plying the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway on Wednesday embarked on a protest over alleged extortion by touts, known as ‘Agbero’ at Toll-Gate area of the express. Some of the commuters, who were left stranded by the drivers, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ota that the protest was unfortunate as they…
4 mins ago
In a recent interview for the latest Rolling Stone cover story, Ed Sheeran opened up about his battles with depression, his new album "Subtract," and various other topics. One interesting insight the interview revealed was that Sheeran had initially wanted Jay-Z to feature on "Shape of You." He sent the song to the rapper, who…
8 mins ago
The Supreme Court on Wednesday dismissed a suit brought before it against Sen. Elisha Abbo challenging his candidacy as the All Progressives Congress (APC) representative for Adamawa North Senatorial District in the last National Assembly election. Justice Inyang Okoro in a unanimous judgment of a five-member panel of Justices dismissed the suit for lacking in…
36 mins ago
A couple living in Saint-Malo, France are awaiting a court verdict before going ahead to name their child “Hades”. Hades is a name made popular by the Greek mythological deity of the underworld. Kristina Desgres and Rodrigo Velasquez of Saint-Malo are the baby’s parent and they are yet to get court permission to name the…
45 mins ago
Jonathan Jacob Meijer, a serial sperm donor believed to have fathered 550 children, is facing a lawsuit from the Netherlands' Donorkind Foundation over allegations that his frequent donations are increasing the risk of accidental incest. The Telegraph reported Meijer is also accused of lying about the number of children he has fathered. A Dutch mother…