Wednesday, 7th June 2023

presidential election

4 May
Sir: As Nigeria navigates through the aftermath of the recent presidential elections, it is crucial to recognise that reactions to the results are likely to be complex and varied.
8 Mar
Nigerian communication teachers and practitioners, under the aegis of Consortium of Nigerian Communication Experts (CoNCE), on Saturday, March 25, listed 14 major challenges with the just-concluded presidential election.
6 Mar
These are interesting times in our political history. For the very first time, Nigeria had a three-horse race by riders, who were once political compatriots.
25 Feb
Ashes and charred metal are what mostly remain of the electoral office in Ojoto in southeastern Nigeria.
25 Feb
It is not too early to know the likely direction in which this presidential election on which many have committed serious efforts and resources will go.
3 Feb
Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State says that the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, will not win the presidential election. He believes that the opinion polls showing Mr. Obi's lead are not accurate and unreliable, as the sample size was too small. Governor El-Rufai claims that a more reliable poll conducted by…
24 Jan
This is the season of high-wire politicking, and some contenders and wannabes are talking tough on rescuing Nigeria from ruin once they are elected as the country’s President.
17 Jun 2022
The Deputy National Missioner of Nawair-ud-Deeen Society of Nigeria, Sheikh AbdulMajeed Ayinla, has urged Nigerians to imbibe religious tolerance ahead of the 2023 elections and promote peace.
12 May 2022
The 2023 game is on. By the throng of people doling out N100 million each, we now know that this country may have been wounded by those hired to mend her.
7 May 2022
The son of late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos was set to address hundreds of thousands of supporters Saturday on the final day of presidential election campaigning, as polls showed him heading towards a landslide win.
11 Apr 2022
ALL arrangements have been concluded by a coalition of 18 political parties to roll out the carpet for the Minister of Labour and Productivity, Dr. Chris Ngige, to declare his intention
5 Jun 2021
Banished from social networks but no less influential among the Republican faithful, Donald Trump was set to return to the stage Saturday for his first speech in months as he flirts...


1 day ago
Temple Muse, the lifestyle concept store in the heart of Lagos and first of its kind in Nigeria, is thrilled to announce its 15-year Anniversary this month. Over the past decade and a half, Temple Muse has become an institution in the Nigerian fashion scene, setting trends and inspiring style enthusiasts both locally and internationally.…
1 day ago
Dementia is a broad term for severe loss of memory, language, problem-solving abilities, and other thinking abilities that interfere with daily life. It progresses in severity from mild to severe, with the mildest stage affecting a person's functioning the least and the most severe requiring the person to rely entirely on others for basic life…
1 day ago
Iran reopened on Tuesday its embassy in Saudi Arabia after a seven-year closure, reaffirming a Chinese-brokered rapprochement that has redrawn the region's diplomatic map.
1 day ago
Britain's Charles III visited the Romanian hamlet of Viscri on Tuesday, wrapping up his trip to Transylvania -- a region the king has said is in his "blood" as a descendant of Vlad the Impaler.
1 day ago
French protests against President Emmanuel Macron's pensions overhaul began to run out of steam on Tuesday with lower numbers taking to the streets and leaders questioning the future of the movement.