Thursday, 21st October 2021
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Princewill Ireoba

4 days ago
Bishop of the Diocese of Mbamili, Anambra State, The Rt Rev. Obiora Uzochukwu, has reminded Christians that after death, one must either go to heaven or hellfire.
1 Aug
St. Bernard of Clairvaux defined humility as: “A virtue by which a man knowing himself as he truly is, abases himself.
9 May
Today (fifth Sunday after Easter) is Rogation Sunday, while the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the week are the Rogation days, and Thursday will be the Ascension Day. “Rogation” is derived from the Latin word “Rogare,” which means “Asking.”
14 Mar
The Liturgy and Spirituality Committee of the Church of Nigeria held its yearly workshop and seminar for the Writers, Editors and Consultants of the Church of Nigeria Publications at the Ibru Ecumenical Centre, Agbarha-otor between March 8 and 11, 2021.
19 Apr 2020
One of the direct implications of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is that He is the Lord and God (John 20:28). It gave rise to such phrases like “the Lord Jesus,” “the Lord’s Day,” “the Lord’s Table,” “the Spirit of the Lord”, “in the Lord,” “from the Lord,” “light in the Lord,” “boast in the Lord”,
29 Mar 2020
The fifth Sunday in lent is traditionally the Passion Sunday, when we begin to contemplate on the passion/suffering and death of Jesus Christ. Being 14 days to Easter (the Christian Passover), it calls to mind the month of Passover ...
15 Mar 2020
The cross was a Roman instrument of capital punishment, a form of execution reserved for the worst criminals.
1 Mar 2020
This is the first Sunday in Lent. Lent is the period of six weeks or 40 days (not including Sundays), beginning on Ash Wednesday, leading up to Easter.
23 Feb 2020
Quinquagesima Sunday is the Sunday, which ushers in Lent, which starts on the Wednesday of the week, commonly called the Ash Wednesday.
16 Feb 2020
Sexagesima Sunday is the second of the pre-Lenten Sundays or “Gesimatide,” which we started last Sunday. As mentioned last week, it is derived from the Latin word for sixtieth and refers to sixtieth day to Easter
2 Feb 2020
With exceptions of years like this, when it falls on a Sunday, and is shifted to the next day, every February 2, (which is the 40th day from December 25, when the birth of Jesus is marked) is, in the Church’s Calendar...
26 Jan 2020
Sabbath simply means rest. When God finished his work of creation, he rested and subsequently instituted it as a pattern for mankind and animals (20:8-11; Deut. 5:12-15). Sabbath is a divine ordinance and as such, should be observed. In effort to ensure the Sabbath observance, the legalistic Pharisees set up strict laws regarding the how,…


6 mins ago
R&B singer R. Kelly has been placed on suicide watch following his conviction for sex trafficking charges in New York. The 54-year old singer's attorney Steve Greenburg revealed this at the first court hearing since a jury found Kelly guilty three weeks ago. Greenburg told a federal judge in Chicago that R. Kelly had been…
45 mins ago
Antigua and Barbuda prime minister Gaston Browne said the authorities will arrest a Nigerian couple who are thought to be fleeing to the country after pulling off a N22billion fraud in Nigeria. Antigua Observer reported that Browne spoke in response to claims that the Nigerian couple Bamise and Elizabeth Ajetunmobi had obtained citizenship from Antigua…
46 mins ago
Hundreds of secondary school pupils demonstrated outside the Democratic Republic of Congo's parliament on Thursday, calling for lessons to resume three weeks into a teachers' strike. "We want to study," the children chanted as they stormed up the steps and into the debating chamber. Videos shared by journalists on social media showed them being met…
1 hour ago
Initial applications for US jobless aid dipped again last week, falling to a new pandemic low, according to government data released Thursday. New unemployment claims fell 6,000 to 290,000, seasonally adjusted, in the week ended October 16, the lowest level since March 14, 2020 when it was 256,000. That was before the spread of Covid-19…
1 hour ago
The International Monetary Fund on Thursday forecast that Africa's economic rebound from pandemic-induced shrinkage would be weaker than in the rest of the world in 2021 and 2022. Low rates of vaccination against Covid-19 across the continent top the list of reasons for the slower recovery, the Washington-based institution said in a biannual report on…