Sunday, 14th August 2022
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4 days ago
The proliferation of inexperienced and unqualified solar installers as well as substandard inputs and components are among the challenges limiting the growth of renewable energy in Nigeria.
20 Jul
Despite the necessity to reduce carbon footprint in the country and continent, for many businesses in Nigeria, the greater concern is how to generate adequate electricity to sustain business operations and remain a going concern. Considering the continent’s overall contribution to global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is already low at less than four per cent, deploying renewable energy is however necessitated by the need to reduce energy cost at a time diesel prices are bringing businesses to their knees
10 Jun
Nigeria’s target of upscaling renewable energy adoption to address the huge electricity deficit and mitigate climate challenges may become realistic if the country tackles growing inflation and foreign exchange disparities.
8 Jun
The European Union (EU) and other energy experts have stressed the need for energy transition in Nigeria, especially adoption of renewable energy.
2 May
Sir: April 22 was International Mother Earth Day 2022, to raise awareness about environmental protection and acknowledge the global climate crisis which is getting worse by the day.
13 Apr
The Federal Government, European Union and the German government, yesterday, in Abuja decried the impact of the capacity gap in leapfrogging Nigeria to an energy-efficient country.
6 Apr
A Power System Analyst at Wartsila, Mahmood Bakhtawar Shah, has stated that Nigeria can save over $74 billion by 2030 via transition from fossil fuels.
5 Apr
The Minister of Power, Mr Abubakar Aliyu, says the country’s renewable energy and energy efficiency sector has continued to grow rapidly thereby heightening the need for a skilled workforce to support the sector.
23 Mar
Ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27) coming up in Egypt later this year, there are indications that African countries are set to reject any option that may hamper continuous exploration and production of hydrocarbons on the continent.
18 Feb
The XXIV 2022 Olympic Winter Games has kicked off since February 4 in Beijing, bringing together about 2900 athletes from 91 countries and regions.
9 Feb
As grid supply remains inadequate to meet domestic demand for electricity, the Senior Policy Advisor, Solar Power Europe, Miguel Herrero Cangas, has urged policy makers to channel their investment decisions into solar projects for sustainable economic recovery.
2 Feb
Greenlight Planet, a global leader in solar home energy products, organized a webinar on overcoming financial barriers for renewable energy entrepreneurs on 27 January 2022. Five renowned experts: Dr. Segun Adaju, President of Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria, Ms. Chinenye Anekwe, Country Business Development Manager, Solar Sister Nigeria, Mr. Amitesh Sinha, Partner at SIMA Funds, Dr. Abraham Asongo, Clean Energy Project Manager at Standard Microfinance Bank and Mr. Krishna Swaroop, Global Chief Financial Officer at Greenlight Planet shared their perspectives on the topic. 


58 mins ago
Harry Kane snatched a 96th minute equaliser to salvage a 2-2 draw for Tottenham from a feisty London derby against Chelsea on Sunday.
1 hour ago
However, as betrayal is in man’s nature, at the hands of man, nature has increasingly been at the receiving end of activities that were nature not so resilient, it would have died many years ago
2 hours ago
Most women discover breast lumps by themselves, but you don’t need to wait for a lump to develop before you learn how to self-examine your breast at home. Most lumps are benign, and detecting them early would help you better manage them.  Self-examination of the breast enables you to monitor your breast health and detect…
3 hours ago
Nottingham Forest celebrated their first home game in the Premier League for 23 years by beating West Ham 1-0 on Sunday.
4 hours ago
What were we taught in school about the market? It is a place where buying and selling and the exchange of goods and services takes place. The market is traditionally seen as the hub for communication, where a myriad of opportunities arise. However, this is only when the market is seen on the surface level.…