Wednesday, 8th December 2021
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15 Nov 2020
When it comes to intimacy, there are some things that could be said to your partner that would kill the mood and probably make sex unappealing. When under the sheet, make the experience worthwhile, compliment your partner, let them feel wanted. This makes them want you more. As earlier stated, there are some words that…
8 Nov 2020
Today, we are looking at the second reason many relationships fail before they even metamorphose into marriage. We have talked about the wrong foundations in the first three episodes. Now, we want to talk about impatience. Impatience We live in a very unique generation. There are different words that various people have used to describe…
18 Oct 2020
Title: To Love & To Cherish Author: Oluseyi Gabriel Akinyemi Publisher: Greenlife Publishers, UK Pages: 66 Reviewer: Olu James To psychologist and author, Oluseyi Gabriel Akinyemi, it’s never the end of the road for anyone confronted by life challenges. His latest work of fiction, To Love & To Cherish teaches that, with hope and concerted…
24 Sep 2020
Police in Vietnam have confiscated an estimated 345,000 used condoms which had been cleaned, repacked and resold as new, state media reported. Dozens of large bags containing the used contraceptives scattered across the floor of a warehouse in the southern province of Binh Duong were shown in footage by state-owned Vietnam Television (VTV) this week.…
Halle Berry
24 Sep 2020
Developed in Israel, where it has been available for eight years, Vigore treatment is said not only to assist men with erectile dysfunction (ED) but also to help those who are just not as good as they were in their 20s and 30s. The treatment normally involves four blasts of sound waves lasting about five…
12 Sep 2020
According to research by watchdog the Medicines and Healthcare products ­Regulatory Agency (MHRA), taking Viagra could have some unwanted side-effects, including flatulence. Other symptoms include lip swelling, while seven people claimed to have fainted after taking it, according to a report by The Mirror. Also, there are 555 possible side-effects, but it's not clear that…
11 Sep 2020
Pope Francis has described sex and eating a well cooked meal as "simply divine" pleasures from God. Pope Francis, who is the religious head of over 1.3 billion Catholic around the world, spoke with Italian writer Carlo Petrini, who has compiled several conversations with the pope for a new book. "Pleasure arrives directly from God,…
3 Sep 2020
Sexual health is an important part of our overall health and the pandemic can make this quite complicated. Canada's chief public health officer has urged couples to wear masks during sex to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Dr Theresa Tam, Canada's Chief Public Health Officer on Wednesday said in a statement that, "Sex…
29 Aug 2020
R&B singer Toni Braxton has shared some her regrets which include not partying more and not having more sex when she was younger. In an interview with The Guardian UK, Braxton said, "I regret not having more sex when I was younger. I should have drank more. I should have partied more. Smoked more, even."…
25 Aug 2020
Having pains and constantly peeing after sex is not the best experience. Although a Urinary Tract Infection can affect any part of your urinary system, it most often causes an infection in your bladder. According to Dr. Lakeisha Richardson: During sexual intercourse, thrusting can introduce bacteria up the urethra and into the bladder, increasing the…
15 Aug 2020
Berlin's brothels were allowed to reopen last week after months of closure due to coronavirus restrictions -- but full-on sex is still off-limits.
28 Jul 2020
Aceh, at the tip of Sumatra, is the only region in Muslim-majority Indonesia to impose Islamic sharia law, which allows flogging for a range of offences including prostitution, gambling, adultery, drinking alcohol, and gay sex. The punishment was handed down Monday in Langsa city where dozens gathered to watch the pair get lashed, despite bans…


A Federal High Court, Abuja, on Wednesday, ordered the Department of State Services (DSS) to pay the Convener, #RevolutionNow, Omoyele Sowore, the sum of N2 million over the unlawful seizure of his mobile phone in 2019 at the point of his arrest.
8 mins ago
Malawi police have arrested a former finance minister and an ex-central bank chief for fabricating figures in a bid to impress the IMF, they said on Wednesday.
10 mins ago
Nigerian states and the federal government have been using surveillance technologies to snoop on citizens' data and communications on their devices, according to a report. A report by the Action Group on Free Civic Space said the government is using the technologies to track down rights activists, journalists, opposition politicians, and other targeted citizens. The…
16 mins ago
Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said Wednesday that he was returning to Addis Ababa from the battlefront after pro-government forces claimed major advances in their fight against Tigrayan rebels.
28 mins ago
Saudi Arabia's de facto leader pressed on with a Gulf tour Wednesday after French police said they had arrested a suspect linked to the notorious killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.