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24 Mar 2018
Healthy sex boosts our healthy life but this boost doesn't appear to work for casual sex or hookups. One study of nearly 7,500 US college students across 14 public universities found that those who had more hookups had lower levels of happiness and self-esteem, and higher levels of depression and anxiety. In contrast to the…
15 Mar 2018
These sexual disorders are so unusual, one might wonder the purpose of their existence, but like most disorders, their purpose is irrelevant, they just do exist. Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder People with persistent genital arousal disorder, PGAD, are constantly in a state of sexual arousal. Actual symptoms of PGAD can vary. They can also have…
2 Feb 2018
A public health physician, Dr Shehu Martins, has said that the notion by some couples that having frequent sex during pregnancy to fasten labour is not true. Martins, who works with St. Mary’s Catholic Hospital in Gwagwalada, Federal Capital Territory, made the statement on Friday in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN). He…
12 Sep 2017
Sex is one of the most interesting topics to explore, as we all go through the different stages it has to offer throughout our lives. There's the loss of virginity, then years of “sexploration” and then retaining the fire once you've found your life partner! For many, sex goes beyond procreation. Both scientifically and spiritually,…
14 Jul 2017
Regular sex really is the best medicine for preventing life-threatening heart disease – if you are a man, scientists found last month.
17 Apr 2017
For those of you who have sex more or less frequently than the optimal amount, fear not. According to another study by Charnetski, petting a dog can also significantly raise IgA.
23 Jan 2017
Fewer sex toys contain dangerous chemicals than children's toys, a Swedish inspection authority said in a report on Monday.
17 Sep 2016
You can’t seduce a sexually satisfied married man or woman. You can’t break up a soul-tied marriage bond.
16 Jul 2016
Sex is a very important topic. And in relationships, it actually destroys or strengthens it; especially for Us women. I would implore women that you shouldn’t allow a man who just wants to have sex with you pressure you into sleeping with him at an early stage. It doesn’t actually make him a bad guy…
18 Jun 2016
Welcome, dearest friends, once again, to our anti-pornography forum. This is a public awareness platform campaigning for the eradication of pornography from our society due its inherent adverse effects on the user.
21 May 2016
In Nigeria, the story is not different as women continue to endure all sorts of humiliations for giving birth to girls- the so-called weaker sex.
10 Nov 2015
The mood is set. Soft music is playing in the background, you’ve had a good meal, some wine, stimulating conversation, a brilliant make out session, and now your clothes are strewn across the living room, your bodies entwined on the plush rug. Somewhere between all the moaning and grunts and body movements, you realize this…


1 hour ago
Pope Francis on Sunday returned to the island of Lesbos, the migration flashpoint he first visited in 2016, calling the neglect of migrants the "shipwreck of civilisation".
3 hours ago
A US congressman is under fire for posting a picture of his family smiling and holding guns in front of a Christmas tree days after a deadly school shooting rocked the country.
3 hours ago
Ralf Rangnick's reign at Manchester United got off to a winning start thanks to a stunning strike from the much-maligned Fred to beat Crystal Palace 1-0 at Old Trafford on Sunday.
4 hours ago
Myanmar soldiers wounded at least three people after ramming a car into a peaceful anti-coup rally in Yangon, eyewitnesses said Sunday.
4 hours ago
The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has arrested a 44-year-old father of three, Gabriel Anthony, for ingesting 96 pellets of cocaine, which he excreted while in the custody of the agency.