Sunday, 22nd May 2022
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4 Apr
Lip glosses add some shine to your lips. These lip glosses aren't just beauty products; they also contain hydrating and moisturising benefits that keep your lips looking great all day.  Need to know about lip glosses? These are only a few reasons you should use lip gloss today.  Amps Up Your Look In Minutes  Need…
1 Apr
Getting the perfect skin is not an easy task, especially for people with sensitive skin. From spending money buying different products to occasionally watching YouTubers offer absurd tips, the skincare journey can be sometimes exhausting and frustrating. It feels like a wasted effort when, after diligently using products like toners, moisturizers, and serums, there is…
16 Mar
Are you looking for a cure to your skin's dryness, irritation, roughness and wrinkles? It's time to include evening primrose oil in your skincare routine.  A plant-based oil, evening primrose oil, is highly beneficial in skincare possessing moisturising and soothing properties. This oil makes a huge difference in addressing skin concerns by enhancing the texture…
13 Jan
Drinking water can get really boring especially knowing water has no taste.  Not the tastiest drink on the plant, water is by far the healthiest, and that's not going to change anytime soon. Water comes with tremendous health benefits, including that it helps regulate body temperature, flush out toxins, hydrates the body and improves skincare,…
12 Jan
Antioxidants are well-loved in skincare, just as much as sunscreen, and this is primarily due to their ability to protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals.  Free radicals weaken skin cells by removing healthy electrons from the cells. Antioxidants curtail this by protecting the cells from these free radicals, so they must be…
3 Jan
Skincare is way more than what you put on your face. It also is what you eat. Healthy food choices help you feel pumped and fit, plus they’ll help you smash your skincare dreams. Several food classes have proven to improve the quality of the skin and delay ageing. Blueberries are not just healthy, they…
26 Dec
If your skincare routine isn't working, then you might be making some mistakes. If there's one thing we all know, great skin equals timeless beauty.  In recent times, skincare has become of great importance, and as the skin is the largest organ in the human body, it is only rightfully so. Regardless of whatever you…
12 Dec
We all love a sweet-smelling cleanser, but have you ever considered that the ingredients responsible for that lovely scent may also be responsible for the inflammation and redness you experience after using it? When going through the ingredient list on the bottle, most people skip the fragrance part and focus on the main ingredients. Most…
17 Oct 2021
Like all other natural skincare products, Borage seed oil is a beauty-boosting wonder oil now making waves in the skincare sphere. Often found in face oils and serums, this oil doubles as both an antioxidant and hydration. As an added advantage, this golden elixir is rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a well-known skin-soothing agent. So,…
25 Jul 2021
Whenever we check our social media, on the road and we always see the skin of women. We are also shown the advertisement of products that makes our skin glow but when we check the price, we take a step back. Imagine coming across a product that is more than you can originally afford; it…
12 Jun 2021
Patience Bamidele Amaebite (The Springboard), Kalanne Ebiye-Koripamo (Kayge Cosmetics), Ifeoma Egbuonu (CEO, Homey Thrills & GCAP) and Tareela Okene (Dripples Cakes) are young
2 Jun 2021
The HAMS (Hair, makeup and skincare) Beauty Fair aimed at bringing people together to celebrate beauty, featuring about 100 leading beauty brands,


1 hour ago
AC Milan won their first Serie A title in 11 years on Sunday after beating Sassuolo 3-0 in Reggio Emilia to snatch the crown from local rivals Inter Milan on the final day of a thrilling campaign.
2 hours ago
Ralf Rangnick admitted he was relieved Manchester United qualified for next season's Europa League despite their 1-0 defeat against Crystal Palace on Sunday.
4 hours ago
Mohamed Salah and Son Heung-min shared the Premier League Golden Boot on Sunday after both forwards scored on the final day of the season.
4 hours ago
All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential aspirants from Nigeria's southeast, Sunday, rose from a meeting with a resolution to support anyone among them that clinches the party's ticket. The aspirants, including Senator Rochas Okorocha, Senator Ken Nnamani, former Minister of Education (state), Emeka Nwajiuba, former Minister of Science and Technology, Ogbonnaya Onu, Ikeobasi Moleku and Mrs…
6 hours ago
Pep Guardiola said Manchester City's Premier League champions are "legends" who will be "remembered forever" after their thrilling 3-2 win against Aston Villa clinched the title on the last day of the season. Guardiola's side looked set to gift the trophy to second-placed Liverpool after Villa took a shock two-goal lead in the second half…