Saturday, 10th June 2023


24 Mar
Human rights are the fundamental rights and freedoms that every person is entitled to by virtue of being human. These rights include the right to life, liberty, and security of person; the right to education, work, the right to a fair trial and health; the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and expression; and the…
19 Dec
About 150 years after the end of slavery in its former colonies, the Netherlands wants to officially apologise for this injustice on Monday. Prime Minister Mark Rutte plans to give a speech on slavery at the National Archives in The Hague later in the day. The cabinet representatives are also scheduled to speak in the…
10 Oct 2022
It is well-known history in the continent of Africa that there was an evil practice called the slave trade. This involved the moving of African slaves to other countries.
27 Jul 2022
The slave trade as the world knew it was shelved more than a century ago. Even if the old form of slavery has evolved in many ways like modern slavery, the modus operandi has not exactly been the same.
10 Jun 2022
In search of Gold, in search of dollars. She is a big trader in one of the big cities in the city and by all standards neither she nor her husband could be said to be poor, at least, by the city’s standard.
1 Aug 2021
The Federal Government says it plans to check modern day slavery through awareness creation activities on the effects of illegal immigration, child labour
30 Jun 2021
The government of Niger has been ordered by the ECOWAS Court to pay a total of 60 million CFA in compensation to a woman and her six children for the prejudice they suffered as a result of enslavement.
21 Sep 2020
In Oakland California, in the white neighborhood of Piedmont, the only time in my life I was considered exotic, was during my first encounter with white policemen
19 Sep 2020
Sport is presently slave labour in Nigeria. Without exaggerating, and I am asserting with all sense of responsibility, most athletes in the Nigerian domestic sport landscape are living in poverty. The evidence is all around us in the level of respect they enjoy in society and in the poor treatment they receive in their clubs,…
Seun Kuti
16 Jul 2020
In recent times, the Black Lives Matter Movement has been a foremost conversation on the lips of many across the world. This is coming in light of acts of racism in different countries. Nigerian singer Seun Kuti in an Instagram post has now weighed on the subject of slavery and how Africans played a part…
5 Jul 2020
A British royal historian who said slavery was not genocide has quit his honorary position at Cambridge University...
14 Jun 2020
“The highest numbers of slaves from Africa were Nigerians as 41.4 per cent of the slaves were from our ports in Calabar and Badagry, while the remaining 59 per cent were from the other coastal regions in Africa”- Mr Joseph Ejukwa, Principal, Slave History Museum, Calabar Badagry Heritage Museum Badagry Heritage Museum was built in…


3 mins ago
Britain's former prime minister Boris Johnson angrily quit as a member of parliament on Friday, claiming he had been forced out in a stitch-up by his political opponents.
21 mins ago
You live under a rock if you haven't heard about the Metavere. Maybe you don't grasp the idea, but it should be complex to understand what it is all about. As technology advances, this new concept has been capturing the attention and imagination of people worldwide. It represents a virtual universe where individuals can interact,…
22 mins ago
Gov. Francis Nwifuru has appointed Prof. Grace Umezurike as the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) making her the first female to occupy the position in the state’s history.
27 mins ago
The Coalition for Good Governance and Economic Justice in Africa (CGGEJA), an NGO, has commended President Bola Tinubu for suspending the Central Bank Governor, Godwin Emefiele.
38 mins ago
A court in France sentenced a man to 18 years in prison on Friday for stabbing and then burning alive his 15-year-old girlfriend.