Thursday, 19th May 2022
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13 Dec 2020
“I am often amazed that ... people still try to take Nigerian food and squeeze it into this all-encompassing title of “African food”. I guess that the rest of the world is seeking a kind of exotic simplification: a working summary, an effective way of getting the feeling across that Africa will fit in your…
17 Sep 2019
  Suya is a popular Nigerian shish kebab (roasted skewered meat). Suya is usually made with beef, however, chicken or veal or pork can also be used. Although Suya has it origins in the Northern part of Nigeria, it is very popular all over Nigeria and across West Africa. You don't have to wait till…
12 May 2018
It is common to cook and have some left- overs, especially with rice, soups, yam and more. Not many people like leftovers and it may sit in the fridge for so long before eventually making its way to the bin.
22 Oct 2017
Suya is a popular street food in Nigeria and other west African countries. It’s usually beef, chicken or other meats well seasoned with spices and fire grilled. Next to a bar, is usually a suya stand. That’s a good and ideal business strategy for local suya vendors. With drinks flowing, so does traffic to the…
19 May 2017
Eating roast beef and lamb, popularly called Suya in Nigeria, increases your chances of dying from nine major diseases, according to new research.
14 Mar 2017
Branding is everything and everything is a brand. But has anyone considered how suya is such an integral part of our brand identity? Suya is uniquely and proudly Nigerian...


48 mins ago
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 19th May 2022 -/African Media Agency(AMA)/- The past two years have marked a seismic shift in the way companies manage, motivate, and retain their employees as hybrid work models and a more flexible work environment became commonplace. However, this has created new challenges, as many of the roles within the organisation changed or…
52 mins ago
Maybe you’ve heard people describe Bitcoin as a unique currency and wondered why. Here’s what makes Bitcoin special money.
58 mins ago
Have you ever asked yourself how Bitcoin gets its value? Like the fiat currencies currently in use, Bitcoin has a value resulting from the following.
1 hour ago
Health authorities in Canada's Quebec province are investigating more than a dozen suspected cases of monkeypox, a rare but potentially serious virus, public broadcaster CBC reported Wednesday.
1 hour ago
Fans of Johnny Depp have taken a special liking to his lawyer Camille Vasquez. Since the ongoing defamation trial, Vaquez’ tactical cross-examination has shed some light on the relationship between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, which led to the $100 million defamation trial. The likeness by fans has risen so much that many are pitching…